Lizards Croak and Rats Squeek

Yesterday saw the retirement of two teams of the HDWSBBL, the Best of Bands and the Ankle Biters. There is a full write-up in the news section but we at the Warzone! would like to re-cap on our memories about these two teams.

The Best of Bands put the dirt back in dirty, they were the most foul inflicting team in the HDWSBBL and we loved them for it. They did get sent off a lot but they always came back next game and created even more havoc. However they were the team that the other guys picked on especially the Strikland Slammers. They beat Best of Bands in their two final matches of their career and put ten of them into the hospital. Is this what becomes of a life spent fouling?

The Ankle Biters also fouled a lot (but not as much as Best of Bands) they did however pull a shock draw over second place team the Loren Tornadoes. But our highlight of their Career for us was their rat ogre Spike. He was properly the worst big guy in the league but at the same time the best. If he wasn’t fouling players and getting sent off he would spend most of his time taking blows and getting rushed to surgery each time. So with that we at Warzone! have decided to award Spike with the Pansy Award for most times spend at the nurses office.

With that we bid Au revoir to Best of Bands and the Ankle Biters. Who knows who will be next to leave or join the HDWSBBL, but you can be sure, we will find out soon enough.

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