Retiring Teams (2508 Edition) Part 2

Tonight another two teams will be leaving us. Both these teams are well known around the league as last season they won al the championships. Yes fans, the Karak Smashers and the Strickland Slammers are leaving us!

The Karak Smashers

The Karak Smashers leave the league with as much fanfare as they entered. These Dwarfs have remained almost silent throught the season leaving their work on the pitch to do the talking. There where the first (and only) team to win two championships in a single season and the winners of the inaugural PitRat cup. Who knows what these Dwarfs will do next but the rest of the HDWSBBL will relax a bit more now that Snori Sure Hands and Vorak Headsplitter are not around.

The Strickland Slammers

The Stickland Slammers where another team who entered the league with little fanfare. They where originally drafted as a replacement for the Highland Nut Crushers. This human team quickly proved their worth with an impressive streak that eventually culminated with them winning the Championship II tournament.

Rumour has it that they have left the old-world in order to find a “real Challenge” in the jungles of Lustira. Someone better inform the Best of Bands to watch out!

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