Returning Teams Part 2 (2508 edition)

With just under two weeks to go we have another returning team to announce – Tutbones Re-United.

Tutbones Re-United

The Khemri of Tutbones Re-United are hoping for a better season. They spent most of last season floating around the bottom of North Division with Head Coach Ulkesh Cosh trying to teach the Skeletons how to pick up the ball. This all changed however when they leaned a much more potent weapon, the Cage! The first victims to this where Ragnars Swift Velocity who where denied any glory that night.

The team did introduce their Mummies shortly after and went from strength to strength, unfortunately for them time ran out and the league ended. This season they will be ready from the word go, ready to show the rest of the HDWSBBL just how powerful the undead from the south can be.

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