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Breaking news has just hit the HDWSBBL Online. Both Championship winners the Karak Smashers and the Strickland Slammers will not be returning for the 2508/09 season. This shock came just two weeks before the start of the new season. We tried to speak to the chairmen of each team but both refused to comment and instead released these statements.

Firstly the Strickland Slammers:

We do regret to announce that we will not be entering the HDWSBBL 2508/09 season. We have been offered an invite to another league near the forests of Lustria and as our finances grew over last season we decided to move out there. We may, however, return to the league in the future but it is uncertain.

And finally the Karak Smashers:

After dominating this league we have decided we would return to the All-Dwarf leagues back home in the mountains. We tried a mixed league and we have realised we all miss the leagues. We do not know if we will return but it isn’t out of the question.

Strong words and we at the Warzone! will miss them. We have however received reports that a new dark elf team will be on the way. Could they be the new Slammers?

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