Introducting: the Tail Slammers

Tonight we begin to introduce the new teams that will be competing in this seasons competitions here in the HDWSBBL. Out first introduction is for the new Skaven team, the Tail Slamers.

When the Ankle Biters failed to perform to the seer Counsels expectations, the Tail Slammers where brought into replace them. Recently the Pit stadium (formally the Rats Nest) has been a scene of constant warfare as the two Skaven teams have been fighting it out to determine who would represent the counsel this season.

Now that the dust and flying fur has settled it looks like the Ankle Biters have been evicted and the Tail Slammers are the newest residents here in the HdWSBBL.

With the Skavens record less than great here in the HDWSBBL it will be interesting to see how they perform. Only time will tell if they have the ability to break the mold.

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