Introducing: The Man Eaters, Karond Kar Corsairs and the Perverse Maidens of Torture

We have the details of the final 3 teams now. Presenting The Man Eaters, Karond Kar Corsairs and the Perverse Maidens of Torture.

The Man Eaters

From the mountains of the north they come to pray on your women and children. Men of the old world, quiver in fear as the four Ogres of the Man Eaters are going to get you.

Karond Kar Corsairs

Little is known about this Dark Elf team. So far they are keeping themselves to themselves until their debut here in the HDWSBBL. When they do make that debut I am sure we will find out all about them!

Perverse Maidens of Torture

When the Karak Smashers left the HDWSBBL they began their world tour. On one of their many stops they impressed the local Amazons so much that they had to make the trip to the Old World to establish themselves in the same leagues that their idols made their fame and fortune.

Little is known about the team themselves but with the Smashers acting as trainers then they are a team to watch this season.

The more observant of you might have realised that only 16 teams have been announced for the 2508/09 season (not including the Drackwald/Brimstone Deadheads fiasco). There is in fact a 17th team. Extremely little is known about them, apart from the fact that they are Dark Elves. We have been promised more information on them within a week or two. When we get it, we will post it here first.

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