Outrage at Draw Swap

The Wee Tree Fellows have been very vocal these last few days regarding what they see as an injustice. They where originally drafted into East Division along with the Tail Slammers and Ragnars Swift Velocity but they where traded for the Mc Cauligh Reavers shortly after the draw took place due to there being two Dark Elf teams in the same division.

The Fellows have lodged a formal complaint against the HDWSBBL Management, especially as they lost their first match in West Division. Time will tell the outcome of this dispute.

One comment

  1. It just wasn’t on. There we were all gassed up ready to have a bottom of the table clash with those lice infested cretins the Tail Slammers and what happens, we get a swap and end up playing an Amazon team.

    Given the outfits (or lack of) that they were wearing, it was no surprise that my guys couldn’t concentrate. The number of times the players ended up on the floor you would have to ask were they on the receiving end of a more that a few blows below the belt? The ref never saw anything.

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