Legends are made

This week saw a milestone in the HDWSBBL. Elison Crownstar, not content with becoming the leagues first star, became the HDWSBBL’s first ‘superstar’ during his recent match against the Wolf Pack. At 80 Star Player points he continues to set the new standard of excellence for the league. The only question that now remains is if he can make it to 100 SPP before a player ends his career on the pitch.

Not content with setting a single record in a game, Errison Youngwhite of the Rangers managed to make his 50th career completion here in the HDWSBBL. With this record he shows why he has was awarded the ‘Best Passer’ award here in the HDWSBBL for every competition he has taken part in. We in the HDWSBBL offices salute this achievement although we are sure there are many throwers out there who re looking to take his life over this coming season.

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