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We are almost halfway into our third Season and it a massive improvement from last year. This is due to better organisation on our behalf and coaches becoming more dedicated to the league. We have noticed that coaches are beginning to make the same mistakes that turned last season into a shambles so now is a good time to bring a few things to your attention.

We have noticed that a lot of you keen players wish to play week in week out. We need to point out that the fixtures are there for a reason to ensure that when teams play inter-division matches (such as the Zombway cup) they have all had the same chance to play as many games as their opponents. Best efforts have gone into the fixtures to ensure that league games are staggered so that every team faces all its rival teams in the Division once before looping round and playing the return games. The Fixtures also lets coaches know when their next game is so they can plan other games (such as 40K or Role-playing) around the league. The other benefit of playing games every two weeks is that if a game is missed it can be scheduled for a “non Blood Bowl” week without disrupting the rest of the league.

If people continue to play their games every week as some teams are we will get into the same position we faced last year with one division finishing first and waiting two months for the rest to catch up which makes it harder to get the ball rolling again when the time comes. This also unbalances any cup games that are played throughout the season.

The exception to the above is for the teams in North Division. As there is a 5th team in there, some games are required on a weekly basis to ensure that they finish within the same timescale as the other divisions. The fixtures have to be carefully balanced for this Division to ensure an even spread of games.

The fixtures are all available on the fixtures page and the page for the relevant competition. We will be updating the page format itself over the next week to make it easier for coaches to spot upcoming games. If you are down to play a match and you know that you will not be able to make it, please let me or Andy know as soon as possible so we can let your opponent know and hopefully find them another game. We know full well that real life comes first but a little notice makes it easier for everyone involved.

There is last point which I need to clarify as it has already occurred this season. The fixtures are final, you have to face the player in the fixtures, which means no changing on the night even if me and Andy aren’t present, or your opponent hasn’t turned up yet. If you believe that you should be playing a different player that night then speak to either me or Andy first. Failure to do so will result in that match being discarded, forcing the teams to replay the match at a later point in time.

Me and Andrew are going to be going over the fixtures over the next few days to ensure that they all pan out. If you know of any dates you cannot make then please let us know.

I hope this clears some things up, If there are any questions contact me or Andy either in the comments or via the email addresses listed on the about page.




  1. That’s nice and all. But I’m still slated to play the Wolfpack twice in a row.

    After already playing them once before.

    I mean I appreciate the chance for more points than the other teams and all, but I’m already playing two more games than a team in the other divisions to start with so I’m pretty sure I’ll either have a free that week, or play whoevers next on my upcoming fixtures. (Which will be Ben’s Dark Elves… sigh. I’m getting tired of having to play against Dark Elves all the time.)

  2. Well put guys!!!

    As the player who had to miss out on a fixture as other players in the division played out of order, it is particularly vexing that work and other commitments have now put me behind on the schedule and I haven’t had a game of 40k for 3 months either.

    The commissioners work their nuts off to get this right for us and to try and make as fun a time as possible for everyone. Please stick to the script guys.

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