100 Star Player Points

Well the inevitable finally happened, we finally have a player with 100 Star Player Points! in the end it was Elison Crownstar who achieved the feat in the 100th match of the HDWSBBL (although the star of the Loren Rangers didn’t  know it at the time)!

Well done Elison. :Lets see if you can make it to 200! If your previous performance is anything to go by you should make it within 23 games!

For thouse of you interested, at the end of the 100th game, the statistics looked like this:

340 Players in 24 Teams have played 100 Matches in 7 Competitions for 3 Championship Cups over 3 Seasons. In total they have managed to:

  • Score 381 Touchdowns;
  • Make 382 successful Completions;
  • Cause 298 Casualties;
  • Catch 14 Interceptions;
  • Earn a total of 2908 Star Player Points.

Well done to all the players and thanks for playing in the league.

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