Match Reports, Christmas Cheer and Upcoming action!!

Well folks another year is almost over and it’s getting to that time again in the league. Yep that’s right…FINALS. The goal every team has been going for, the glory and the pain, weeks of nail biting matches and it all comes down to the one game of your career. We wish you all the best of luck getting into the finals, but for those of you who are new to the finals scene let me fill you in briefly on what is approaching:

  • The League Cup (Hunts Havoc), the winners of each division, enter into a small knock-out tournament for the League Cup. The Winner of North will face the Winner of South and the Winner of East will face the Winner of West;
  • The Zombway semi-finals and the final for the Challenge Cup;
  • The Championship III which involves the first and second placed team in the division being invited to a knockout tournament for the Championship Cup. Teams will be paired off with a winner playing a runner-up from a different division.
  • And the new invention this year, The Ankle Biter. This involves the third and forth placed teams from each Division who will play in a knockout tournament for the trophy. In North as there is an odd number this year, the third place team will get an automatic bye into the tournament, while the forth and fifth placed team will place a preliminary match to see who goes through to the tournament. The draw will be determined much like the Championship Cup.
So keep playing hard and get those final wins in to ensure you win the gold this season. The Championship III and The Ankle Biter will be formally announced soon. A reminder to all, semi-final and final matches see the attendance doubled. This applys to all compition finals. Prize money has changed this year as well so the prize money for the Major’s are as followed:
  • League Cup – Winner = 80,000gp  Runner-Up = 40,000gp
  • Challenge Cup (Zombway) – Winner = 60,000gp  Runner-Up = 30,000gp
  • Championship Cup – Winner = 70,000gp  Runner-Up = 40,000gp
  • The Ankle Biter – Winner = 40,000gp  Runner-Up = 20,000gp
The second thing I want to rant about is the Match Report Sheets. I cannot stress enough how important these are. These sheets are the backbone of the league and must be filled in correctly. The reason we have them is to log down the players and the teams actions during a single match. We then go on to our amazing website and input them into our database which Andy has spent many hours and nights creating. The data we input in the database then comes out onto the website which you guys see. So if the match report sheet is wrong or has incorrect data on it then it either gets imputed in wrong or doesn’t get added at all. 
The sheets aren’t that hard to fill in and if you are unsure then talk to me and Andy. Each sheet should contain the following:
  • The two teams playing
  • Their current team value
  • The date of the match and the competition
  • A log of the inducements (if any)
  • Attendance for each team, and the total
  • The Weather
  • Make a note if you have hired a journeyman (with a name as well if not recorded on the previous match report sheet.)
  • Tick the box if that player has played
  • Log each action a player does (Comp, TD, etc…)
  • If they are injured make a note of what injury they have substained and who caused it
  • At the end if a player has a increase write down what he got (make sure you include who got the increase). If the increase was a result of rolling a double, please mention that on the sheer.
  • Write down new Fan Factor (if Any) Remember if you draw you DO NOT get an increase in FF, only if you win a game and beat you current FF on 3 D6’s
  • Write down your winnings (+10,000 for winning as well as an extra 10,000 for each FAME you have)
  • If you have any purchases you must do them NOW! Any new players need to have their name, number and position written down. If you know that you need Journeymen for the next match, please note their names and numbers in the box.
  • Write down you coach’s after game comment and your done!
Hand the form to either Me or Andy. DO NOT TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU! If me and Andy are not there then give it to either Nick or Big Paul. If no one is present to take the report home then you must take it upon yourself to either scan it and e-mail to me or hand it in next week. If we do not get it then it will have to be replayed, no exceptions. We have worked hard to get this system running and we don’t want to spend most of our time chasing Report sheets that people have misplaced or lost. Again any problems filling it in then talk to either me or Andy and we will be more than happy to help. You can find blank match report sheets in the resources section of the website.
Another small matter is rosters. We do not have a problem if you want to track the stats by your own roster and use it for whatever reason. We do provide a roster on the team pages with everything (just click view current roster in the top right hand box) so you don’t have to keep track yourself. The only thing we are concerned about is you put all the data on the match report sheet first and then after the game and post-match sequance you can transfur everything to your own roster. Thats all I have to say on that and I hope people take note of everything I have talked about. Ok rant over……
Upcoming action on Thursday 18th December will involve mainly North. I am unsure as to who won’t or will be there since it’s a non-blood bowl week and it’s almost christmas but if you wish to play a league game then bring your stuff down and Im sure someone will be there to play if not a friendly match. The fixtures are as followed:
  • Karond Kar Corsairs v Beaumont Blitzers (Either Home or Away)
  • The Loren Rangers v The Innsmouth Shadows
Not sure if we can play the Zombay quarter-final we missed last week but if we can then that match will take priority over the league match. Upcoming fixtures have now been updated. These will change slighty over Chirstmas and New Year so check back regualry for updates. The next round of the Zombway will take place on the 5th Febuary 2009 so make sure all those who made it into the semi-finals are ready to play on that date (please let me known if you are unable to make this).
Finally to those who wont be attending next Thursday me and Andy wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we hope to see you all in 2009 (or should I say 2509 hahaha!) for the final part of season three and to create more mayhem than last year. Safe journeys to all!
– Alex


  1. Hmmm, It’s gone a little quiet on here! What’s the matter? Have all you coach’s lost your balls? What happened to all the banter.
    I’m surprised that RSV have kept quiet after their recent and sudden success in the league. If that was me I would be bragging like there’s no tomorrow!

    There is only one Crownstar!

  2. We have learnt a bit of tact Jordan, something your Elves have never bothered to pick up which is surprising considering the amount of times we have smashed your faces in.

    We know from past experience that things can change all to fast. Seeing as I almost suffered a nervous breakdown last season over the results I am taking some advice (and medicine) from my apothecary and relaxing.

    Oh and there may only be one Crownstar but I would take my two new Stars any day of the week. Soon we will overtake you, there is only so long you can outrun us!

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