The World is in their Hands!

The HDWSBBL board today have announced that their headquarters, the HDWSBBL Stadium, is getting a new refurbishment for the finals this season and also being renamed as a World Stadium. It will now feature more Blood Bowl matches from different leagues being played there as well as hosting the new HDWSBBL Museum. Rumor has it that the next tournament to be held there will be a tournament called the “Megabowl”. The HDWSBBL board have been quiet about the matter but chairman John Stillmann gave this statement to the press to clear some things up:

We are pleased to announce that the HDWSBBL Headquarters and Stadium will be getting a full refurbishment ready for the 2508/09 season finals. The stadium will also be renamed as the HDWSBBL World Stadium and be home to many other league finals and major tournaments. The new HDWSBBL museum will also be built inside the stadium replacing the old one in the city. 

We asked him about the rumor of a “Megabowl”, he replied:

We are still in talks with other league officials and so far the feedback has been good. The Megabowl will be a world tournament open to all leagues around the world. It’s still in its early days however and nothing has been finalised, so it could be scrapped. But never say never I always say.

The Warzone! will keep an ear out for any development of the “Megabowl” and keep you fans updated. The World Stadium is set to be ready by the beginning of February and the Museum opening its doors in early March for you post-season junkies who cannot get enough of the league. The new stadium will also feature a new stand being built which raises the capacity to an amazing 120,000. Be the first to watch the finals in the new World Stadium by buying your tickets now!

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  1. Megabowl?! First us coaches have heard of it. Glad to see the league is keeping us informed!

    So the new stadium is opening in time for the finals. Does that mean the first match to take place in the new stadium is the final of the Hunts Havoc?

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