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The changes last week to the rosters was the first part of a few site updates we have been working on for some time. Tonight, thanks to a bit of spare time while being away, the have gone live.

The site as a whole has had over a dozen tweaks, most of which you won’t notice unless you spend a lot of time here -D As an overview, the biggest changes are:

  • Table sortability and expandability. Most of the tables on this site (for statistics and results) are now sortable and/or expandable. If a table is longer than 10 entries long (for example the top scorers of a competition) then the table will be shrunk to 10 entries. Below each of the tables will be a link to expand them to their full length. If that made no sense. Try it out on a few pages to see what I mean. Also some tables will be sortable. This means that you will be able to click on the column headings which will order the table by that data. If a table is sortable some text indicating this will be displayed above the table in question.
  • The Teams page. This page has had a significant overview. For each team it lists the number of games played and displays visually the number of Championship cups they have won. There is also a small logo depicting the race they are part of. If a team has provided a team logo then this will be displayed in its place (hint).
  • The Fixtures and Results Pages. Both these pages now have a drop-down box at the top of the pages (please excuse the iffy appearance). On the both pages it provides the ability to change the layout from the default of by Competition to by date with the most recent fixture/result at the top. Hopefully this means that coaches will find it easier to spot when their next game is and turn up.
  • The Rosters as mentioned last week.
  • The Statistics page. Not a lot of change here. The main change is that on the all time player lists at the bottom of the page you may notice that some players are highlighted. If a player is highlighted in this way that means they are still active in the HDWSBBL. (note that if you forget this in the future then a little bit of text appears to explain this above the stats table.

So with that lot out of way I can begin on the next set of updates. These will try to incorperate the results from the survey so if you have something to say then you have until the end of January to do so (or email me, or leave a comment etc).

If there are any problems spotted over the next few days please let me know. Some feedback on the updates would be nice (good or bad) so please leave comments below.

Andy M

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