Farewell Rob

As may of will know by now, Rob has moved house and as a result will not be playing in the remaining games of the season. On behalf of the league I wish him well with his new house and job and hopes he finds a new Blood Bowl league to dominate 😀

Due to Rob leaving, his active team (the Perverse Maidens of torture) are considered retired. This leads to interesting situations for the rest of the season.

Hunts Havoc

Rob has played his games so PMT are still the South Division Champions. However the team placed second in South Division (which is still to be decided as there are 2 games left to play) will play in the League Finals in the place of PMT.

Championship III and the Ankle Biter

For the benefit of seeding for these two cups. South Division counts as 3 teams. Discarding PMT (as it where) means that the second placed team counts as 1st, the third placed team counts as 2nd and the 4th placed team counts as 3rd. The team placed in 5th in North Division will be transferred over and count as the 4th placed team in South.

The top seeded in South (the 2nd and 3rd teams, now 1 and 2) go onto the Championship III and the bottom two seeded teams (4th and the 5th from North, now the 3 and 4) will play in the Ankle Biter. Due to this there is a chance that two teams from north Division will face off in the opening round of the Ankle Biter (the 3rd placed team in North vs the 5th from North (now the 4th in South)) but that match will stand should it be drawn.

ZombWay Cup

As PMT are in the Semi-Finals they will not be eliminated from this tournament. I have emailed Rob to confirm 1) that he cannot make it and 2) if he would like to nominate a player to play as PMT for the rest of the cup (pending on the result of this weeks match against Ragnars Swift Velocity). For obvious reasons this cannot be Carl or Dave Ireland (as they are playing in the other ZombWay cup match) and it cannot be Stuart, Lawrence, Little Alex or James (as they will be playing their final league games this week). When/ if Rob nominates a player they will be contacted to ensure they can play (Rob if you are reading this feel free to nominate somebody in the comments of this entry rather then email me).

If any coaches have any problems with the above then now is the time to voice them!

So back to my original point, Good Luck for the future Rob, feel free to return for friendly games and even the next season (if you can be bothered to make a 3 hour round trip for a 2 hour game!).

Andy M


  1. Andy,

    Ben has said that he will be caretaker coach for the semi-final match in the Zombway Cup. So hopefully he wont lose the match as they wont know how to take it, and would probably end up eating him.

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