Hunts Havoc Final Rounds

As 3 of the 4 Divisons now have a firm winner we look towards the final stages of the Hunts Hacvoc 2508/09.

The 4 winners of the Divisions will be paired off to play each other. The winning two teams will go through to play in the final for the HDWSBBL League Cup. The Semi-Finals will take place on the 12th of February and the Finals of the Hunts Havoc will take place on the 26th of March once the Final teams for the ZombWay, Ankle Biter and Championship III have been determined.

The Semi Final matches will be drawn at random. The drawing of the matches will take place this Thursday before the semi-finals of the ZombWay 2508/09 take place.

We have also updated the fixtures page to show the remaining games this season. Obviously the teams taking part in the games is still to be determined but they will be updated as Draws are made and matches are played. Let us know if you spot any obvious issues!

We do thank you for your patence on getting this league done. The next game for most of the teams will be on the 26th of Feb when all 16 teams will be playing in the opening rounds of the Ankle Biter and Championship III.  Further information and the dates of the draws will be announced shortly. If you know you cannot make that date, let us know ASAP.

Andrew and Alex

PS, can anybody be kind enough to let me know what games were played last week so I can re-schedule or remove the fixtures as appropriate?

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