Draw for the Ankle Biter First Round

As alluded to earlier the draw for the first round of the Ankle Biter Competition has been made. As a brief recap the Ankle Biter is the inaugural Competition for a new Championship here in the HDWSBBL, the HDWSBBL Shield. While the Shield may not have the prestige of the HDWSBBL League cup or the HDWSBBL Championship Cup, the Shield will form a vital part of the end of season games as it provides an outlet for the teams who didn’t perform as well as others to snatch some glory.

One of the “unique” things about the HDWSBBL Shield is that it will be named after the worst-performing team from last season, in this case the Skaven team from the sewer, The Ankle Biters.

The bottom two teams from each Division will face off in a knock-out fashion to determine the first winners of the Shield (and ensure their name is not on the shield next year). As South Division is effectively down to 3 teams, the 5th team from North Division counted as the 4th team in South Division for the sake of this draw.

At the time the draw was made not all the games in West Division where finalised due to the Seductors missing multiple games. As a result of this, the Wee Tree Fellows where awarded the win in their final scheduled match against the Seductors, taking them to 3rd place. The Thunder Hammers still wish to play the Seductors and there is a chance that the Thunder Hammers could slip into 3rd place (and as a result entering the Shield) but the committee has decided to take the standings as they are now with the assumption that the match will not be played.

So, this leads us nicely to the draw for the Ankle Biter:

The Wolf Pack vs Seductors
Tutsbone Re-United vs Beaumont Blitzers
Wee Tree Fellows
vs The Innsmouth Shadows
Middenhein Manhunters
vs Tail Slammers

Good Luck teams, may Nuffle bless you. As with the Hunts Havoc, stay tuned for the exact date these games will be played. At the moment it does look good for the 26th of February (just under two weeks).

One comment

  1. provides an outlet for the teams who didn’t perform as well as others

    In other words it is a Competition for losers!

    may Nuffle bless you

    There go the Manhunters Chances. I say the Slammers are going to take the cup! Just imagine the scene as the Skaven lift up the shield named after their predecessors!

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