Draw for the Championship III First Round

Gather round sports fans as the first round of the Championship III has been announced. 8 of the finest teams in the league will face off to determine the 3rd winner of the Jewel in the HDWSBBLs crown, the HDWSBBL Championship Cup.

This will surely be an action packed orgy of violence and insane ball handling skills. After a disappointing second season, former Championship winners Ragnars Swift Velocity make a return to the Championship Tournament, entering as second seed from East Division. We also have former League Champions the Loren Rangers making their third successive Championship appearance, an unprecedented feat in the HDWSBBL.

In addition to those titans, by the time the dust is settled we could be looking at our first ever Triple Crown champion as at least 4 of the 8 teams are taking part in other finals in the league. As a reminder, no team to date has won both the HDWSBBL League Cup and the HDWSBBL Championship cup full stop, never mind in a single season.

This is also the largest Championship Tournament to date. The tournament still allows the top two teams from each Division to enter but due to the increasing number or teams in the HDWSBBL that means 8 teams are entering this year.

As I can tell you are excited about all of this as I am, here is the draw:

Mc Cauligh Reavers vs The Loran Rangers
Karond Kar Corsairs
vs Brimstone Deadheads
The Man Eaters
vs Thunder Hammers
Lustrian Snake Queens
vs Ragnars Swift Velocity

As with the other competitions, the exact date for these games to be played is still to be confirmed, although the 1st week in March is looking likely. As always stay tuned to the HDWSBBL website for further updates.

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