Tonight’s Preview

This will be the biggest line-up of matches in the HDWSBBL history. All teams apart from two will be battling it out to reach the next rounds of the finals. But before all the action kicks off there are a few small reminders.

In the event of the match being tied at full-time then the golden touchdown rule will be used and an extra half played. During this time the first team to score wins the game. If needed a second half is played, if the match is still tied then the match is decided by casualties scored. Games that go into extra-time may play the half next week if time runs out or you need to leave early.

This is a knockout tournament and of course if you are knocked out you are out of the tournament. There is no third place play off this season due to the amount of teams and the limited time to complete all the matches before April.

Any teams that miss the evening tonight without letting me know (exceptions as this post is late) will have their fixture arranged for the following week. If that match is then missed unless you have a very valid reason then the for-fit rule is enforced and the team who turned up will go through. We cannot delay any more games as we really need to finish by April or early May the latest.

Team injuries from a previous games are back to health and able to play. This is due to the fact they would of had time to rest and heal properly from the last match.

And with that I wish you all the best of luck in the finals and hope you claim cup glory this season


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