The Blood Bowl XLVIII

The Blood Bowl CupThe 48th Blood Bowl Grand Tournament is not too far away. This well known tournament takes place at the Warhammer World in Nottingham and is going to take place from the 30th -31st of May.

Tickets are on sale now which includes six games over two days, lunch on both days with dinner on the 30th. Bugman’s bar is open all day serving beer and soft drinks throughout the day. At the moment tickets are £55, but last year I managed to get mine a little cheaper.

Accommodation is a nearby campsite which costs £8 per tent per night. This is optional and there are hotels near the venue if camping isn’t your thing, but camping is a lot cheaper. We will be heading down the camp-site on the Friday and then pack up on the Sunday ready to leave after the ceremony.

At the moment only me and Carl are going but everyone is more than welcome and I have room in my car for anyone. Post a comment on here if you are interested in coming. I do stress that you will have to get your ticket yourself, unless the ticket people get back to me and say a mass booking is cheaper per person. Also is anyone interested in wearing t-shirts with our logo as well as the Huntingdon Wargames logo as well.

Please let me know and you can find more by going to this site.



  1. Brilliant to hear. The list is as follows:

    – Alex T
    – Andy
    – Carl
    – Ricky
    – James M (Possible)

    Let me know if you wish to come. I won’t keep bugging people now haha. Rickys dad has kindly said he could lend us his tent which can easy sleep 5 he said. So if we get this sorted we may only have to pay £3 each for the whole weekend of camping.

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