Season 3 – Week 24 – Record Breaking Week as Competitions Begin

Welcome once again Warzone Fans. I know we say this most weeks but this week has truly been amazing. Not only have both the Championship III and the Ankle Biter kicked off but we have been setting Milestones and Breaking records all week long.

First, our congratulations go out to RSV catcher Fredrick Roeder who has finally reached the 100 SPP milestone. It s hard to think that before this season begun Roeder was known as the lesser of the two RSV catchers. Well this season he has come on and made over 17 Touchdowns over 9 games!

This week a new attendance record was set for non Final/Semi-Final games. The match between RSV and the Snake Queens drew 41,000 spectators! This broke the previous record  of 4o,000 which was set the last time RSV and the Loren Rangers played each other back in February 2508.

This week also saw WarZone favourite Moist Von Lipwig of the Manhunters score the leagues 500th Touchdown! Congrats Lipwig, its nice to see your name being mentioned without the word has-been attached to it! Eagle-eyed Ranger Thrower Erison Youngwhite made the leagues 500th successful pass (and the 65th he has personally made). We feel the league will have to investigate this Elf, looking back over the records it appears that he has only failed two completions in over 27 games which is absolutely staggering. Finally RSV Ogre Bowel Gusher managed to cause the leagues 400th Casualty. Unfortunately for us trivia fans it was not a fatal blow.

On to the matches then. Former HDWSBBL Championship Cup Winners Ragnars Swift Velocity took on the unstoppable Lustrian Snake Queens. RSV started out strong and even managed to surprise the Queens by blitzing twice! Unfortunately a few simple mistakes cost them the game as the team eventually crumbled under the pressure and the Queens ran all over them. The Apothecary did save the life of RSV Captain, Kaminsky Mittbrott, who had the side of his face caved in by a vicious tackle. Mittbrott will now miss the next game against the Perverse Maidens of Torture in two weeks. The Queens of course go on to face the winners of the Thunder-Hammers/Man Eaters Match.

The Loren Rangers made their third successive appearance in the Championship Tournament.TO date they are the only team who have performed this feat. They went into the match against East Division Champions the Reavers with the belief that they would finally lift the HDWSBBL Championship Cup for themselves.
They however didn’t manage to pull it off once again. Too many mistakes and open areas in their field cost them dearly and they let three touchdowns pass them. This now marks the highest winning steak to date, with a successful nine! games unbeaten in all competitions. But it looks like this may increase further.

Over in the Ankle Biter the Middenhein Manhunters took on the Tail Slammers. Both teams played to the best of their ability with the Manhunters showing rare form. I believe I speak for all of us when I say the image of Manhunter Coach Lord Havlock sitting on the bench with his jaw wide open as his team where declared the winners will remain one of the iconic images in the hostory of the league. This surprise fluke deserved victory for the Manhunters came after a staggering 9 game losing streak. Their previous win was ironically against the team this cup was named after, and the Slammers predecessors, the Ankle Biters back in November 2507!

Tutsbone Reunited took on the crushing Beaumont Blitzers in a violent fight to the finish. The Orcs where not intimidated by the raw power of the Khemri and fought their way to victory. It may have been the loss of their mummy that finally turned the tide away from the Desert Kings. TRU of course have never made it ast the 1st round of a knock out tournament in 3 attempts. Lets hope the Blitzers continue to go from strength to strength.

The rest of the Cup games are planned to be played this week. For many teams, these games may be the last time we ever see them on a HDWSBBL field. Many leave the league in the shame of being defeated, the rest simply never return (a surprising amount of former teams get eaten but that is a story for another day). For those teams who do carry on, fortune awaits. At the end of the 3-match Tournament a glittering prize awaits the victor to prove to the rest of the league they are the best (or in the case of the shield, not the worst).

Quick Summary of Week 24

  • 2 games played in the First Round of the Championship III
  • 2 games played in the First Round of the Ankle Biter
  • 14 Touchdowns scored
  • 11 Casualties caused (1 resulted in Death)
  • 22 Completions made
  • 1 Interception made

Match Results for Week 24

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

The Championship III – First Round

The Ankle Biter – First Round

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