Championship III and Ankle Biter Semi-Finals preview

This week sees the Semi Finals of the Championship III and Ankle Biter competitions. The winners of this weeks matches will go through to the final of their respective competitions and face off in the HDWSBBL Stadium in a few short weeks.

Ankle Biter

The Wolf Pack will take on the Beaumont Blitzers in the first match this week. Both teams are no strangers to each other with both teams having clashed two times previously during the League stages this Season. Both the Norse and the Orcs are well known for their violent ways and we can be sure that this match will have a high body count. The Blitzers have the form going into the match but the Wolf Pack are well rested having received a bye during the first round of the Competition.

The Innsmouth Shadows will take on the Middenhein Manhunters in the other Semi-Final match. Not much has been written about these two teams this season. Both teams have suffered horrible from until very recently and had been fighting for pride in the last round of the competition. This quest for recognition might make this the game to watch this week as they lay everything on the line to prove they are real Championship Contenders. The Manhunters have the historical pedigree to show they can go the distance but don’t rule out the Shadows who have shown flashes of brilliance during some of their games.

Championship III

The rampaging Man Eaters will take on the unstoppable Lustrian Snake Queens. In case you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, the Snake Queens have been dominating all in their path including the (until recently) undefeated Reavers. These ladies have shown no fear no matter the size of their opponents.
The Man Eaters have surprised a few people by making it this far into the Championship III but they have shown some tactical brilliance (and some very quick Snotlings) which has made more than one opponent quake with fear this season. It will be interesting to see how the twisted ladies react when Ogres attempt to tear through their lines.

The final match taking place this week is the Mc Cauligh Reavers vs the Karond Kar Corsairs in the first ever Dark Elf vs Dark Elf match here in the HDWSBBL. Being Dark Elves both teams have been very quiet this season and have instead focussed their energies on maiming their opposition. The Reavers will be eager to regain their form after last weeks loss to the Snake Queens and the Corsairs will be eager to claim the spot for best Dark Elf team in the league. Watch out for Assassins as the North Division Champions Clash with the East Division Champions.

For those not paying attention we have also posted summaries of the last two weeks of games. They can be found over in the WarZone section of the website (or directly here – Week 25 and Week 26).

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