Hunts Havoc Semi-Finals Preview

After what feels like an eternity, the focus of the HDWSBBL turns back towards the League Cup. This week the four Divisional Champions will square off to determine who will face each other in the Hunts Havoc Final in two weeks time. The South Division Champions (The Perverse Maidens or Torture) cannot make it to the semi final and as a result the second placed team (the Man Eaters) will be taking their place.

The Karond Kar Corsairs vs the Man Eaters

Although the Man Eaters gained their place in the Semi-Final due to the South Division Champions dropping out, there is no doubt they are a formidable team. At the start of the Season if you had said that an Ogre team would make it through to the Semi-Finals of two competitions you would have been mocked but the Man Eaters have done it. The strength of the Ogres with the agility of the Snotlings means their opposition often doesn’t know how to tackle the team. Their recent elimination from the Championship III has made this team desperate and angry, and we all know to watch out when an 8 foot tall Ogre is pissed off!

Their opponents are the Corsairs, the North Division Champions who only just last week qualified for the final of the Championship III. The Corsairs come from a fine pedigree with Championship cups running through their veins. They are in prime form having not suffered a loss in some time and recently taking apart their Dark Elf rivals the Reavers.

Lustrian Snake Queens vs the Mc Cauligh Reavers

The Mc Cauligh Reavers are troubled at the moment, one week they hold the record for longest undefeated streak and then they suffer two traumatic losses within a two week period. We are sure a bit of re-building has gone on over the last week and the Reavers will be looking to reclaim their spot at the top of the League. Don’t count the East Division champions out just yet.

Their opponents are the West Division Champions, the Lustrian Snake Queens. The Snake Queens are going full throttle at the moment having already made it through to the finals of the Championship III and the ZombWay Cup 2508/09. When the Snake Queens last clashed with the Reavers they managed to end their dominance. Could the never ending schedule of games finally take its toll on the Snake Queens or are we looking at the first triple crown champions here in the HDWSBBL?

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