ZombWay 2508/09 Final Preview

This week will see the final of the ZombWay 2508/09 between Ragnars Swift Velocity and the Lustrian Snake Queens. Both teams are primed for the match and are eager to lift the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup. This will not be the first time these teams have faced each other. They encountered each other during the opening round of the Championship III where the Snake Queens won (but not without stumbling once or twice).

At the start of the season, RSV coach Gerhard Rockstein promised that if RSV did not win a Championship this season then they would leave the HDWSBBL! With pressure like that the team has to give its all in order to retain their jobs! RSV had had a good season on the whole, so far only losing to two of the most dominating teams this season (the Lustrian Snake Queens in the Championship III and the Mc Cauligh Reavers in the East Division of the Hunts Havoc 2508/09.

The Snake Queens have had an amazing debut season here in the HDWSBBL. They have ploughed through every team they have faced and at one point looked to be the first team to ever win the triple crown of all 3 major HDWSBBL Championship Cups in a single season. However their last match against the Reavers proved that even these demonic Amazon have a weakness and they suffered their first defeat of the season. The Queens are now focused on regaining their form and taking at least two of the Championship Cups back to their home stadium.

Both teams have an impressive roster of Talent from the Blitzer’s down to the Linesmen/women. It will be interesting to see what role the two Star Catchers of the teams will play in the match. Both Fredrick Roeder or RSV and Daphne Cylindrophilidae of LSQ have had impressive seasons. Roeder is recognised as the top player at the moment in the league and is on form having scored over 20 Touchdowns in 10 games. In any other season Cylindrophilidae herself would have been recognised as a top player with 10 Touchdowns and a number of casualties. She is still a great player and it at the top of the players chart for the ZombWay Cup this season. Let us not rule out Lars Ulrichson of RSV. While he has had a relatively quiet season he still has he potential to make his mark on the match having been Velocities top scorer for their first two seasons.

At a team level RSV are certainly the bigger club. With a recent valuation putting them at well over 2 million they over shadow the Snake Queens by 330000 pieces of gold. At a performance level both teams are more equal both teams have scored 32 Touchdowns this season and the caused similar number of casualties (20 for RSV and 22 for LSQ). The difference comes into play though on defence as the Queens have only conceded half the number of Touchdowns that RSV have!

Comparing the stats side by side we get:

RSV 10 7 3 0 32 19 20 10 25 2 70
LSQ 12 10 1 1 32 8 22 13 30 1 83

And comparing the average per match:

RSV 70% 30% 0% 3.2 1.9 2 1 2.5
LSQ 83% 8.5% 8.5% 2.7 0.7 1.8 1.1 2.5

So this is it. What it comes down to is if the Queens will exploit the week defence of RSV, or of RSV can punch their way through the Amazons

We wish both teams the best of luck and remind the rowdy Velocity fans not to cause any trouble this time. We don’t fancy spending the next year re-building the HDWSBBL World stadium.

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