Corsairs take the Championship

Fans of the KKC are rejoicing all over the world today as the Karond Kar Corsairs steamrolled over the Lustrian Snake Queens last night in a thrilling final. Celebrations kicked off immediately after the final whistle and have gone right through the night. It might be wise to lock up your daughters as the team are busy rounding up the 1,000 maidens they promised they would sacrifice to Khaine should they win.

This results means the KKC have set a new landmark for the league in that they are the first team to win both the HDWSBBL League Cup and the HDWSBBL Championship Cup (and another landmark for doing it in a single, debut season!).

The KKC have already confirmed that they will be returning next season to defend their championships. All eyes will be upon them to see if they can achieve the first successful championship defence in the history of the league. No pressure then.

As always, a full report of the match will be provided in this weeks WarZone Summary later on in the week.


  1. Well done to the Corsairs. Although we dislike you dark elves deeply we are glad you won and took the title. But please can you return our coaching scout Jimmy Leeks please. I know he has a girly complexion but his wife misses him and frankly we need him at the club. Only if your not too busy that’s all…..

  2. Cannot take the compeition? my dear Gerhard, as pro’s at this game it is our duty to return and really show how the game is played (unlike some). We simply don’t kop out even when the season has not been all that great.
    Besides I hear you are hanging up the boots as well, and who was the tall, muscular man/woman…?? you were leaving with after the dismal game we watched two weeks ago?

    Have some lemons.

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