That’s not all folks

The last game of the season may have been completed but there is still more to come.

On the website over the next week or so we plan to post full reviews of the four competitions that took place this season alongside a retrospective look back at the 2508/09 season including the much anticipated awards ceremony! There are also a few scheduled upgrades for the website coming along which will be posted through the post season as we begin planning towards the 4th season of the HDWSBBL.

There are plans to kick off a small Stunty League. Plans and interest are still forming but the basic premise is to get the little guys on the pitch and have some fun with slightly different rules. This mini league will take place outside of the main HDWSBBL continuity but will be covered by all the aspects you would expect from the league (Stats, Stats and more stats). If you have a Goblin, Halfling, Lizardmen (minus Saurus) or Ogre (minus the Ogres!) team then let one of the commissioners know and we will keep you in the loop.

We would like to thank all the Players this season for their efforts in getting all the games played. We are more than happy to listen to any concerns or suggestions that might improve the experience for us all. After all we are here to have some fun.

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