Velocity to retire from the league?

With Season three now complete and the build up to season four beginning, questions are now being asked as to which teams are returning for another go at a HDWSBBL championship.

As Ragnars Swift Velocity finished the 2508/09 season without winning any Championships, thoughts now go back to their head coach’s comments at the start of the season. Gerhard Rockstein promised that if RSV left empty handed then they would be gone from the league for good!

We managed to obtain a moment with Gerhard where he expressed his views:

Damm right we are finished! I am sick of all the slimy stinking Elves running around pretending to be the best. I am a man of my word and you won’t be seeing me around here again.

We have given sweat and blood for the league and received no respect for it. While hard working teams such as ourselves get no credit, youngsters come in and grab all the glory.

So after three seasons in the HDWSBBL, are we about to lose another of the founding four teams?

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