Championship III review

The HDWSBBL Championship Tournament was back for its third season. As the number of divisions in the league had increased the Championship III saw 8 of this seasons finest teams battle it out to be crowned the HDWSBBL Championship Cup winners.

As always, the top two teams from each division of the league competition automatically qualified for a shot that the Championship Cup. However due to the South Division Champions, the Perverse Maidens or Torture, being forced into retirement during the ZombWay 2508/09 competition, South Division was represented by the second and third placed teams (the Man Eaters and the Brimstone Deadheads respectively). Ultimately the Deadheads could not make the competition due to them having travelled round the other side of the Old World to take part in the Ankle Biter.

The opening round saw two of the hopeful teams, the Loren Rangers and former Championship Cup Winners Ragnars Swift Velocity being eliminated by the now proven Reavers and Snake Queens. The Korsairs advanced unopposed via a bye and the Man Eaters advanced over the rapidly improving Thunder Hammers.

The Semi-Finals saw a further team forfeit a game with the Man Eaters being unable to face the Snake Queens. The Snake Queens where furious about this and ranted for days about the missed opportunities of smashing as many Snotlings0 as they could during the match. The other Semi-Final match saw the first ever Dark Elf Derby here in the HDWSBBL as the Reavers and the Corsairs clashed. In what was to set the precedent for future encounters between the two teams, the Korsairs managed to pull off a victory after an encounter that left scores of Dark Elves mutilated.

The final saw the Lustrian Snake Queens take on the Karond Kar Corsairs. From the start of the match it was apparent that the luck of the Snake Queens had run out as the KKC danced around them into the history books. With the KKC winning the Championship III they became the first team to win both the HDWSBBL League Cup and the HDWSBBL Championship Cup. What made this feat even more spectacular is that they accomplished this in a single, debut season!

As always the Championship Tournament was a fitting end to the 2508/09 Season. It shall return next season with the Championship IV.

As with the other competitions, there were plenty of awards to be handed out:

  • HDWSBBL Championship Cup Winner: Karond Kar Corsairs
  • HDWSBBL Championship Cup Runner-Up: Lustrian Snake Queens
  • Team with most Touch Downs: Karond Kar Corsairs and the Lustrian Snake Queens both with 7 (existing record is 9 set by the Loren Rangers in the Championship I)
  • Team with most Casualties: Karond Kar Corsairs with 5 (existing record is 7 set by Ragnars Swift Velocity in the Championship I)
  • Team with most Completions: Lustrian Snake Queens with 6 (existing record is 8 set by the Loren Rangers in the Championship I)
  • Team with most Interceptions: Lustrian Snake Queens with 1
  • Player of the Competition: Joint between Pheobe Elapsoidae (Thrower) of the Lustrian Snake Queens and Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) of the Karond Kar Corsairs with 11 SSP (existing record is 20 set by Elison Crownstar of The Loren Rangers during the Championship I)
  • Player with most Touch Downs: Joint between Benerditto Brin (Blitzer) of the Mc Cauligh Reavers and Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) of the Karond Kar Corsairs with 3 (existing record is 6 set by Lars Ulrichson of Ragnars Swift Velocity during the Championship I)
  • Player with most Casualties: Joint between Electra Aniliidae (Blitzer) of the Lustrian Snake Queens and Jardell Bloodmaul (Linesman) of the Karond Kar Corsairs with 2 (matched existing record set by Dirk Hammett and Brock Anderson of Ragnars Swift Velocity during the Championship I)
  • Player with most Completions: Joint between Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) of the The Loren Rangers and Pheobe Elapsoidae (Thrower) of the Lustrian Snake Queens with 4 (record is 8 set by Erison Youngwhite of the Loren Rangers in the Championship I)

And for you statistics freaks:

  • 7 games played in total
  • 22 Touchdowns Scored (Average of 3.1 per match)
  • 15 Casualties caused (Average of 2.1 per match)
  • 19 Completions made (Average of 2.7 per match)
  • 1 successful Interception (Average of 0.1 per match, or one every 7 matches)
  • Match with Highest Attendance: Karond Kar Corsairs 2 vs Lustrian Snake Queens 1 (Final) with 64,000 fans on the 7th May 2509.
  • Match with Highest Attendance (non final or Semi): Lustrian Snake Queens 4 vs Ragnars Swift Velocity 1 (1st Round) with 41,000 fans on the 5th March 2509.
  • Match with most Touchdowns: not unique. Two matches finished with 5 Touchdowns.
  • Match with most Casualties: not unique. 4 matches finished with 4 casualties in total.
  • Team with most Touchdowns (single match): Lustrian Snake Queens (against Ragnars Swoft Velocity) with 4 on the 5th of March 2509.
  • Team with most Casualties (single match): Karond Kar Corsairs (against the Mc Cauligh Reavers) with 3.

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