End of Season Review (2508/09 – Season 3)

Now that all four of the Competition reviews have been posted it is time to take a step back and look at the season as a whole.

Season 3 was the largest season to date with 17 teams fighting it out over four competitions to be the top team. No matter their skill level, all teams had something to fight for with the introduction of the HDWSBBL Shield.

As we have already covered the four competitions this season (See the reviews for the Hunts Havoc 2508/09, the ZombWay Cup 2508/09, the Ankle Biter and the Championship III) there is little point in replicating that here.

While it is easy to sing the prises of the four or five top ranked teams this season, it would be a disservice to the other teams of the league to simply ignore them. We have taken the time to cover all of the 17 teams that took part in the 2508/09 season below (in Alphabetical order!):

Beaumont Blitzers
The Beaumont Blitzers have had an immense impact on the league, leaving a trail of bodies wherever they have been. Because they shared North Division with the Corsairs and the Loren Rangers they had little chance of making it into the Championship but they proved that they do have talent by demolishing the Manhunters in the final of the Ankle Biter.

Hopefully next season they can up their game and take home a major championship cup.

Brimstone Deadheads
The Orcs from the badlands failed to make too much of an impact this season. They did have some good outings against the Man Eaters and the Manhunters and even managed to get as far as the first round of the Championship III. However internal conflicts within the team meant that they missed a few of their games which cost them in the long run.

Karond Kar Corsairs
If one word could be used to describe the Corsairs it would surely be glorious (or lethal or ingenious or simply Champions). Not many teams have careers like this single season of the corsairs. After an initial flaky start the Corsairs tore through the league to take home the League and Championship Cups. The only problem now is that they have to return to retain their Championships!

Lustrian Snake Queens
From the start of the league, the Snake Queens made themselves heard. After tearing through West Division they set their sights on the rest of the league. Going into the second half of the season they managed to take part in two of the finals for the major competitions. However, the constant strain of the games paid its price and the Snake Queens ended up with only one Championship Cup (which is still an amazing feat in itself).

Mc Cauligh Reavers
The Reavers came into the league with little fan fare. A few games in it became apparent to anybody watching them that they were something special. After tearing apart veterans RSV in the league stages they stormed through the stages of the competitions.

In the end they were simply unlucky not to take home any Championships this season. They have notified the rest of the league that they will be back for another season and that all the other teams should begin preparation now before the Reavers demolish them!

Middenhein Manhunters
The Manhunters continued their normal form this season. After an initially good start, their from began to plummet and they managed to break the leagues record for longest losing streak. The season wasn’t a total loss though as divine intervention struck during the Ankle Biter and they pulled out some impressive wins.

When the Season completed the Manhunters boarded a boat to go on a long intensive training session to recapture the glory of their initial seasons in the HDWSBBL.

Perverse Maidens of Torture
PMT began the season impressively by defeating all of their opponents with little difficulty. Having won the South Division they were the favourites going into the ZombWay Cup 2508/09. After two impressive rounds of action their luck seemingly ran out against RSV where they where systematically taken apart by the veteran humans. Unfortunately the team never recovered from this loss and did no resurface in the league again.

Ragnars Swift Velocity
RSV returned for their 3rd successive season. They had high hopes going into the season having signed two new blitzers. Unfortunately for them, despite a strong showing through the season (especially in the Zombway 2508/09) they didn’t manage to win any Championships although they came second in the Zombway 2508/09 and qualified for the Championship III.

The future is currently in doubt with their head coach confirming that they are unlikely to return for a fourth season in the HDWSBBL.

The Seductors were an interesting team. Like the other Dark Elf Teams in the league they excelled in speed and perverseness. Unfortunately for them they appeared to have been side tracked by their off the pitch activities and neglected their games. As a result the few games they played saw a lacklustre team try and salvage a win.

Tail Slammers
Going into the Season, the Tail Slammers had one goal, win a match! After their predecessors the Ankle Biters where removed by the seer council for incompetence, it was clear that unless they wanted to end up with the same fate they had to improve.

With everything to lose they threw everything they had into their games. Unfortunately for them, the referees spotted most of this and sent players off most games. In the end they managed to win a couple of games which will hopefully spare them from a fate worse then death. Then again, with another season like this they may dream of becoming a rat-ogres meal!

The Innsmouth Shadows
After coming from a small sleepy town, the Shadows where not used to the spotlight of the HDWSBBL. It took them a few games to find their feet in the league but when they did they showed great promise. It seemed at times that the only thing holding them back was the coaches’ paranoia. In his eyes, everywhere he went their where conspiracies and plots to overthrow the team.

Despite this, the Shadows had a season that they can look back on and be proud. We recommend that they don’t reflect for too long though in case someone tries to poison them once again.

The Loren Rangers
Like RSV, the Rangers returned for their 3rd season in the HDWSBBL. Being the biggest ranked team in the league, they were easy targets for the rest of the competing teams. The team had some impressive moments but overall lacked the cohesive tactics to lead them to a Championship Win. As always their throwers and catchers were the stars and still managed to set a few records along the way.

The Man Eaters
There was much mocking at the beginning of the season when an Ogre team was announced. Little did anybody realise that they would be making such a big impact on the league. After PMT retired from the league, the Man Eaters stepped up their game and made it through to the Semi-Finals of two major competitions, the Hunts Havoc 2508/09 and the Championship III.

While the team did not capture any Championships this season they did manage to set a string of “firsts” for the league including the first Ogre to score a touchdown, the first Snotling to score a Touchdown and the first team to take an entire half to stand up after getting knocked down!

The Wolf Pack
The Wold Pack began their season well, out blocking the other teams in their path. However several deaths and injuries halted the teams rise to prominence. Hopefully they can build on their first season and become a well established team in the HDWSBBL.

Thunder Hammers
Having the Drawven Karak Smashers in the league last season possibly set the bar unreasonably high for any following Dwarf teams such as the Thunder Hammers.

On the whole the Hammers had a great debut season, making it as far as the Championship III. They certainly kept all the throwers in the league on their toes with them catching several surprise Interceptions!

Tutbone Re-United
Tutbone returned for their second HDWSBBL Season. Over the course of the season they managed to pick up another few Mummies which improved their hitting power and resulting in them holding their ground a lot better.

Unfortunately for TRU they are still having some trouble holding onto the ball and continued their record of leaving every knockout tournament during the first round.

We Tree Fellows
The Wee Tree fellows had a rough time this season. After getting screwed out of a nice slot in East division they ended up facing the punishing Snake Queens and Thunder Hammers. Their lack of experience showed in places but towards the end of the season they began to come together as a team. The narrowly avoided coming absolute last and will certainly try to improve their game for next season.

Shield and Awards

After consulting all the match records for the season, a “loser” has been determined. As with the tradition going forward, the team who is deemed to have had the worst season for whatever reason has the next HDWSBBL Shield competition named after them. Without further ado we can confirm that the Shield Cup competition in the 2509/10 season will be called “Slammer Shield” after the Skaven Tail Slammers. We hope that the team don’t take this as an insult and instead use this as momentum to improve their game and have a better season next time.

Now before we get onto the awards, it is worth noting that almost every existing record was smashed this season in one way or another! An amazing feat. So without further ado, here are the award winners for this Season:

  • HDWSBBL League Cup Winner: Karond Kar Corsairs
  • HDWSBBL Championship Cup Winner: Karond Kar Corsairs
  • HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Winner: Lustrian Snake Queens
  • HDWSBBL Shield Winner: The Beaumont Blitzers
  • Team with most Touch Downs: Karond Kar Corsairs with 39 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 35 by the Strickland Slammers in the 2507/08 Season)
  • Team with most Casualties: Lustrian Snake Queens with 34 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 31 by the Karak Smashers in the 2507/08 Season)
  • Team with most Completions: Lustrian Snake Queens with 34 (record is 40 set by the Loren Rangers in 2506/07 Season)
  • Team with most Interceptions: Tutbone Re-United with 4 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 2 by the Strickland Slammers in the 2507/08 Season)
  • Player of the Season: Fredrick Roeder (Catcher) of Ragnars Swift Velocity with 74 SSP (NEW RECORD, previous record was 54 set by Snori Surehands of the Karak Smashers during the 2507/08 season)
  • Player with most Touch Downs: Fredrick Roeder (Catcher) of Ragnars Swift Velocity with 21 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 14 set by Snori Surehands of the Karak Smashers during the 2507/08 season)
  • Player with most Casualties: Jargon ‘The Jawsplitter’ Juggernaught (Troll) of The Beaumont Blitzers with 8 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 7 set by Vorak Headsplitter of the Karak Smashers during the 2507/08 season)
  • Player with most Completions: Pheobe Elapsoidae (Thrower) of the Lustrian Snake Queens with 22 (record is 23 set by Erison Youngwhite of the Loren Rangers in the 2506/07 season and matched in the 2507/08 Season)
  • Player with most Interceptions: Jansen Ornoff (Linesman) of Ragnars Swift Velocity with 2 (matched existing record set by Sigfried Von Bach of the Strickland Slammers during the 2507/08 Season)

There are also some additional player awards as follows

  • The Eagle Award (most spectacular death): Venonia Spite of the Karond Kar Corsairs. Her HDWSBBL career lasted less then 15 minutes after she tripped and impaled herself on her spiky chest plate.
  • The Rat-Eater Award (Scored a Touchdown, made a Completion, made an Interception and cause a Casualty in a single season): Caneran Everlong of The Loren Rangers and Kandris Darksoul of the Karond Kar Corsairs

As with seasons past, the player who is deemed to be the best of the season will receive the “Fan Favourite” skill. This increases their cost by 20,000gp and means that while the player is on the pitch, his team will get +1 Fame.

And for you statistics freaks:

  • 87 games played in total
  • 294 Touchdowns Scored (Average of 3.4 per match)
  • 293 Casualties caused (Average of 3.4 per match)
  • 260 Completions made (Average of 3 per match)
  • 16 successful Interceptions! (Average of 0.2 per match, or one every 5.4 matches)
  • Match with Highest Attendance: Lustrian Snake Queens 1 vs Mc Cauligh Reavers 3 (Semi-Final – Hunts Havoc 2508/09) with 80,000 fans on the 2nd April 2509.
  • Match with Highest Attendance (non final or Semi): Lustrian Snake Queens 4 vs Ragnars Swift Velocity 1 (1st Round – Championship III) with 41,000 fans on the 5th March 2509.
  • Match with most Touchdowns: Tail Slammers 1 vs Ragnars Swift Velocity 7 (East Division – Hunts Havoc 2508/09) with 8 on the 4th of September 2508
  • Match with most Casualties: Karond Kar Corsairs 4 vs The Man Eaters 0 (Semi-Final – Hunts Havoc 2508/09) with 9 on the 2nd of April 2509
  • Team with most Touchdowns (single match): Ragnars Swift Velocity (against the Tail Slammers, East Division – Hunts Havoc 2508/09) with 7 on the 4th of September 2508
  • Team with most Casualties (single match): Not Unique. Two teams caused 6 casualties in a single match

With this review, we officailly draw the 2508/09 report to a close. We would like to thank all the coaches who have taken part in this season. We hope you have enjoyed yourself. Feel free to provide feedback on any issues you have had or suggestions you may have for next season which is due to start in September.

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