Site Updates

The observant of you out there may have noticed a few tweaks to the website recently. Work is constantly ongoing to make the website even better. Below is the list of recent improvements:

New League Logo

We thought that as we were entering the fourth season, we should really put some thought into a consistent logo that we can use going forward. The new logo will allow us to pull all the “brands” together into a cohesive package.

Did You Know?

As the league has now completed three whole seasons, we now have more facts and records then the Loren Rangers have completed passes (which is as lot)!

To commemorate this we have added Did You Knows and HDWSBBL Facts to the website. These will appear at the bottom of all the pages. Feel free to browse around as they will appear randomly.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together. If you have any suggestions for future Did You Knows then let us know in the comments or drop us an email.

Speed, Speed, Speed…

Some pages took ages to load (Match Reports we are looking at you). We have optimised the underlying Database and re-written pages of code to improve the response time of the site.

Other improvements

Along with the above, there have been other small improvements, some of which won’t be visible until the fourth season begins. These improvements include (but are not limited to):

  • Fixtures on the team pages
  • Coaches comments now appear on the teams recent match listing
  • Team/Race Logos now appear on the individual team pages AND on the rosters. If you have a logo for your team, let us have it!

The Future

As stated at the top, we are constantly working behind the scenes to make the website better. In no particular order we are working on the following:

  • An improved Statistics page
  • A new look and feel for the WarZone which will incorporate the new HDWSBBL Logo
  • A Graveyard section to detail all the fallen players of the league
  • A Hall of fame section to highlight the leagues special teams and players
  • Implementing some of the improved Comments controls that are available to us via the WordPress system that this website is based (loosely) on

The above will be worked on when we get a chance (and when I manage to get a replacement computer!). In the mean time, if you spot anything you think should be fixed or needs work on, let us know.


  1. Like the new logo, and the site loads a LOT quicker than it used to. Which is going to come in handy whent the new season starts.

    I like the ‘Did you know’ section at the bottom of every page, you should definately encourage other teams to send in stuff about them as well.

    I’ve got an idea for my team logo BTW, you want it as an email attatchment?

  2. That would be great, if you can send it to Andy he will upload it asap. I think he prefers .jpegs for the format.

    If you also have any suggestions with some did you knows, for example about some of the mishaps of you team (wink) then e-mail to me and I shall upload them for you.

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