Velocity to return for 4th season, announce new Head Coach

In what amounts to breaking news, Ragnars Swift Velocity has confirmed that they will return for the upcoming season. It wasn’t too long ago where Head Coach Gerhard Rockstein promised that because the team did not win any championships last season they where gone. So what caused the turn around? This press release issued today reveals the details.

“With immediate effect RSV are pleased to announce a new Head Coach for the team. We would like to thank Gerhard for all the hard work he has put in over the years and wish him best endeavours in the future.”

His successor will be no stranger to all the Velocity fans out there as Stanrick Snider will be taking over. Stanrick was previously one of the Assistant coaches on the team and before that he was the star Blitzer in RSV’s debut season, and for many years before that when the team was known as the Marauders.”

In an exclusive interview we managed to sit down with new coach Snider to see what really happened:

“It was simple really, Gerhard wanted to go but the team didn’t. Over the 16 years that he has been the head coach for the team he has been given a lot of leeway for the hot-headed decisions he has made but eventually people must be held accountable for their actions.

The owner of the team Ragnar has appointed me to lead the team going forward. My initial priorities are to start a re-building phase which will strengthen the team for the long term. Unfortunately this may mean that some of the players may be released from their contract.

I think that before we open this new chapter of our history we take a look back at our accomplishments. In the 16 years that the team has been together under Gerhards leadership, we have managed to win 7 Championships Cups, one of which was the HDWSBBL Championship trophy. Lets be blunt, despite Gerhards attitude to most living creatures he has been a great coach (and before that a great player). It was an honour working with him for so many years and an even greater honour that he selected me to lead RSV when they where formed from the ashes of the Marauders three years ago.“

Fans of RSV have reacted with shock that their beloved coach has moved on. Many have returned to their thug like ways and began to attack the Bay View Stadium were the team has been training in preparation for their 4th HDWSBBL Season. For three seasons the fans have destroyed stadiums and disrupted countless games over the years. We hope that Snider can win them over before their own fans destroy them.

The details of the 2509/10 Season are now available. Read the news item for full information on the upcoming season.

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