Loren Rangers Return!

The Loren Rangers last night comfirmed their place in the 2509/10 season after their 4-1 victory aganist the Valhallen Vixens in a friendly match. Officals from the club, as well as head coach Jordan Hawk, held a press conferance this morning and Jordan Hawk released this statement:

We are pleased to announce that the Rangers will be returning for the upcoming season. We have been training hard and we have no doubt that we will perform much better than last season. As always our main goal has always been to win championship cups. However if we do not win a championship cup this season, then I will be resigning from the position of head coach. The clubs board have supported me all the way, and still continuing to do so even if it means I will resign.

Shocked fans have already poured into the ticket offices to buy season tickets to what could be the very last time they see Jordan Hawk at the helm. Unconfirmed reports to his replacement if he should resign are very vague, but the rumor is that Elison Crownstar has been linked to the job. It’s bad news for rangers fans if Jordan leaves but one thing is for sure, this will be a season to remember.

The details of the 2509/10 Season are now available. Read the news item for full information on the upcoming season.


  1. As to you Snider, glad RSV could stay in the league even with that old bugger gone. Sadly though I don’t believe you have the skills let alone managerial talents to lead your team to victory let alone beat us. Not saying you will be a bad coach but I’ve been in this business for a very long time.

    1. You may have been here a long time Jordan but you are not smart enough to repeat the mistakes of others. Very similer comments led to Gerhard getting the boot. I hope for your sake you can back up your words with actions.

      As for having the skill to defeat you, surely you remember that I was actually on the pitch kicking your teams ass when we beat them the 1st (and 2nd and 3rd) times?

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