Retiring Teams (2509 Edition) Part 1

It is will great sadness that we must bid farewell to some very entertaining teams this season. Some played better than others and some were so beaten they couldn’t afford to return. Here is the first installment of the teams who didn’t return for the upcoming season.

The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack will be remembered for being the first ever norse team that entered the ranks of the HDWSBBL. They joined north division with some tough competition. But that didn’t stop them from playing a very good debut season. They finished second in the league, advanced to the quarters of the Zombway and taken the match to extra time in one of the greatest matches of the season against the Lustrian Snake Queens and also getting into the semis of the Ankle Biter but losing to the champions. The Pack decided to set off into the wide world and become a traveling team. However the boat soon returned to the Old World and all what was left on the ship were decaying bodies and rats everywhere.

Preverse Maidens of Torture

The Maidens started the season with a boom and looked very sure to win some silverware this season. Battering opponents half the size of them they entered south division with a boom. They won the division as well as getting into the final of the Zombway Cup. Their season was quickly shot down as during the final match against Ragnar’s Swift Velocity in the Zombway final their team was totally destroyed up to the point they had to pull out. The team could and probably would of gone far but that is something we shall never know.

Thunder Hammers

A strong dwarf side the Hammers were very confident going into west division. They managed to pull off some very good wins as well as a lot of crazy plays. Intercepting balls and dodging the opposition was the norm for the fans of the Hammers and as quoted by the manager of the Lustrian Snake Queens:

How can someone so small jump so high??!!

They finished second in the league and qualified for the Championship III. But sadly they couldn’t adavnce to the next round. They soon packed up their belongings and headed up into the mountains. A note was found on the table of the HDWSBBL Chairmans desk simply saying:

Hi Ho


The details of the 2509/10 Season are now available. Read the news item for full information on the upcoming season.

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