Innsmouth Shadows sighted at Beaumont Bowl!

After a poor starting season, no one could be sure if Joeseph Curwen and his Necromantic Ner-do-wells the Innsmouth Shadows would be returning for a second season.

Those fears (or hopes) were put to rest when the Beaumont Blitzers returned to the bar in their stadium to discover Joespeh Curwen attempting to steal the Ankle Biter Cup, which was being used as a drinking mug at the time.

Thinking that Curwen was trying to steal the Blitzers booze, a Blood Bowl match promptly broke out and although the Blitzers won the ensuing brawl 2-1, all agree that it easily could have gone for a draw.

Despite losing, the Shadows were magnanimous in defeat, and offered to buy the winning orc team a round of drinks… after they first cleared up all of these empties.

It’s been 2 weeks. The Blitzers are beginning to suspect that they’re not coming back.


The details of the 2509/10 Season are now available. Read the news item for full information on the upcoming season.

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