Returning teams (2509 edition) part 1

With little over a week to go, the final line-up of teams taking part in this season is falling into place. We are very pleased to see some familiar faces returning. We have already had an announcement from Ragnars Swift Velocity, a sighting of the Innsmouth Shadows and a statement from the Loren Rangers so below is a list of some of the other teams returning.

Karond Kar Corsairs

The reigning HDWSBBL League and Championship Cup champions are back! After dominating all in their path last season, the Dark Elves from the North have returned to take even more glory in the name of Khaine.

Their line-up has altered little from their double championship winning team. Takarath Balefire is once again going to be leading from the front in what the team hopes will lead to the first ever successful title defence in HDWSBBL History

Mc Cauligh Reavers

The other dominating Dark Elf team are also back. Having just missed out on any Championships last season, the Reavers are pumped up and ready to rumble.

Benerditto Brin is looking to increase his standing amongst the great of the HDWSBBL and is hoping to shatter more records this season. If he can repeat the form from last season then he is in with a chance.

Beaumont Blitzers

The unstoppable Green tide is back to cause more chaos this season. After intensive training of raiding towns and drinking countless pints, they are looking to step up their game and win a Major Championship this season.

It is not known how they have reacted to the news that two other Orc teams will be joining us this season, although we are sure they are looking forward to the fight.

Tail Slammers

The namesake of this seasons HDWSBBL Shield competition have announced their return to the league. After managing to win two games last season the Skaven seer council has decided to let them live and try again. Should they win, they could restore honour to the Skaven race within the HDWSBBL. If not then they face certain death at the hands of their overlords (if the other teams don’t get them first)!

Will the Tail Slammers be the first team to win the competition named after them, or will they be the first team to have the Shield named after them twice?

The details of the 2509/10 Season are now available. Read the news item for full information on the upcoming season.

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