Introductions: 6 more teams for the new season

In addition to the previously announced new teams joining us, it gives us great please in announcing the final six new teams that will be joining us for the 2509/10 Season of the HDWSBBL:

The Tutsbone Jackles

Tutsbone Re-United are back. Well not really. After Re-Uniteds poor performance over the last two seasons, their Lord Anubis shattered the magic that held the team together, returning them to the desert for all eternity.

In their place comes The Tutbone Jackles. Each one of them is hand picked form Lord Anubis’s own warriors. This time there will be no excuses for failure with their Lord promising to take a close look at each of their games.
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Teotigua Predators

Lead by Head coach Kai Konani, the Predators hail from the Jungles of Lustria. They intend to make their mark on the league and bring pride back to the Lizardmen race. Should they fail then there will be many angry Slann (and their Stegodons) to answer too.
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Atrocity Exhibition

Head coach Von Disturbed has been raiding the tombs of some of the greatest Blood Bowl players of all time in order to accomplish his goal of coaching the greatest (un)living Blood Bowl team of all time.

Nothing will stand in their way to the top so all of the other teams in the HDWSBBL need to keep a careful eye on this team (and on their player’s graves).

Beat them if you can, survive if they let you!
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Ruskin Arms Bar Flys

Hailing from the pub leagues of the Empire, the Ruskin Arms Bar Flys are taking a shot at the big time. Having built up a well respected team with a large fan base over many years, the Bar Flys have decided to turn Pro. Already known for their hard hitting attack and their entertaining Head Coach, the Bar Flys could be a team to watch this season.

Orcland Cleavers

Lead by the intelligent Snotling OrKfink, the Cleavers hope to make an impact on the league. Bringing in one of the heaviest hitting rosters the league has ever seen, they hope to cave in many skulls this season. They especially look forward to facing the Beaumont Blitzers and any other team who think they can handle the challenge.

All teams should watch out otherwise they will end up as just another victim.

Grappler Flesh Grinders

Little is known about the Grinders. Scouting reports indicate that they are a well rounded Orc team well versed in using many different tactics (rather then just the standard ground and pound). It will be interesting to see how this team develops.

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