Elves impose sanctions

With the increase of Orc teams, joining the league this season, some of the Elven teams of the league have expressed concerns that their stadiums will soon be full of smelly, waste leaving beats.

Most vocal of these coaches is the Loren Rangers Head Coach Jordan Hawk:

After some due consideration we have decided to segregate the opposition’s fans into their own section of the stadium known as the toilets. That way we can contain the foul mess they leave behind after each game. It truly is shocking that most Orcs don’t even know how to use the toilet properly never mind picking up their dead trampled fans after the match. We will not allow these unclean beasts to even watch the match let alone enjoy it.

For those who believe the Rangers are being rather rash with their comments the director of the Rangers Mr Jacob Glade commented that the stadium is in regulation with the new entrance height for trolls as well as pointing out that there are currently no rules stating that the segregation has to take place in the stands.


  1. Ha you all laughed when we commented on those green skinned beasts. Now who’s laughing?
    Funny story actually, we hired the janitor who used to work for the manhunters. Nice chap, and has no problem cleaning up bile and vomit.

  2. Spare a thought for the Wee Tree Fellows, we have to share with the Beaumont Blitzers.

    The smell is bad, but takeings on the bar are up 700%.

    Also since we installed wash down flooring on the North Stand we just hose down the whole area stick it in a vat, add some yeast and 2 snottlings and serve it to them as Fellows 7X the next week.

    We also recomend a employing weather wizard to create a gental breeze and keep them down wind.

  3. “So thats where my janitor went you theiving, stinking, poncy, pointy eared freaks. Just u wait. We may not have a team at the moment but we will do. Then youll be sorry”.

    Owner of Middenheim Bowl.

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