Returning teams (2509 Edition) part 2

After the announcement of the first set of returning teams the other day, here are the rest of the teams returning for a new season in the HDWSBBL.

Wee Tree Fellows

The first “Pro” Elf team in the league are back. After a bit of a struggle at the start they began to find their feet towards the end of last season. They are looking to expand upon the foundations laid down and build a solid team capable of winning a game or two.

The Drackwald Deadheads

No your eyes do not deceive you, the original Deadheads have returned! After pounding their way through the 2507/08 season of the HDWSBBL they took a year of to rebuild their team. Contrary to popular belief at the time, it looks like their necromancer coach did not re-animate them as Orcs which does raise the question of who were the Brimstone Deadheads from last season.

With players such as Robbie Fouler and Peter Crush going strong the team could be one to watch.

Man Eaters

The Ogre beasts are back to break more bones! Last season they surprised everyone in the league by reaching two semi-finals! The Hard hitting Ogres and the nimble Snotlings managed to cause a few headaches around the league.

This time they are back to improve upon their success and aim to be the first Ogre team to lift a HDWSBBL Championship.

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