Retiring teams (2509 edition) Part 2

With less then a week to go, the final line-up of teams for this season is taking shape. The following teams have decided not to return for this next season.

Lustrian Snake Queens

The “2508/09 HDWSBBL Challenge Cup winning Slannesh worshipping bitches from hell(TM)” have decided to take a break from the league. After a very successful debut season they have moved on to torture and plunder other leagues in the Old World.

There are reports that they will return one day. Should these rumours appear correct then we should all be on our guard.

Tutbone Re-United

The great lord Anubis showed great displeasure at the performance of Tutbone Re-United. For over two seasons they fought bravely against the other teams in the HDWSBBL but could never conjure a persistent form that would lead them to victory.

In a fit of rage, Anubis shattered the magic that held the team together, returning them to the dust from whence they came, forever condemning them to final death.

Brimstone Deadheads

Vanishing as quietly as they entered, the Brimstone Deadheads are no more. Originally reported to be the re-animated version of the Drackwald Deadheads, this myth was busted when the original Drackwald Deadheads announced their return to the HDWSBBL for this season.

Their fate remains unclear.


During their unsuccessful season in the HDWSBBL, the Seductors were known as the “other Dark Elf Team”. They were better known for their exploits after matches then during it. Their career was cut short when they were crippled by the Lustrian Snake Queens in a vicious encounter. The team never recovered and have not been seen since.

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