The Finger of Death hangs over us all!

At some point in our lives, Death will claim us all*. For Blood Bowl Players this is normally sooner than the rest of us.

Over the course of the 154 games played in the league there have been some impressive deaths that Khorne himself would be proud of. Below are some facts and figures from the HDWSBBL vault. Please be aware that this information is gained from the match report sheets that you submit. As the information has not always been recorded in full, some information may be inaccurate.

  • 50 recorded deaths over the last three seasons (Average of 1 death every 3 games)
  • 11 of those have no recorded Killer!
  • Only 1 person has killed them self (2508/09 Eagle Award Winner, Karond Kar Corsairs Witch Elf Venonia Spite)
  • Only 1 of the dead has been re-risen. (Thomas Eckhart of the DrackWald Deadheads, formally of the Stickland Slammers).

While most players only get a “lucky” kill once in their career, others excel at killing. Here is a list of the “Top Killers” in the leagues history (I.E. any player with more that one Kill). At present it is a shot list!

# Name Position Team Kills
1 Takarath Balefire Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 4
3 Bowel Gusher Ogre Ragnars Swift Velocity 2
3 Dirk Hammett Blitzer Ragnars Swift Velocity 2
4 Athtar Blitzer Perverse Maidens of Torture 2

As a result of all the Carnage on the pitch, Sly Sports (who have broadcast every HDWSBBL game) sponsored a new award, the “Finger of Death Award”. This Award is to be awarded to the player to makes the most Kills in a single season. This award will be handed out for the first time at the end of the upcoming season.

So there we are. We hope that none of your players are visited by the Finger of Death this season. When completing the match report sheets in the future, please record who was the person who inflicted the injury so we can accurately track these deaths in the future.

*Alright, some people like Necromancers will live forever but slumming around in half-forgotten Graveyards is not really an exciting life.


  1. *Alright, some people like Necromancers will live forever but slumming around in half-forgotten Graveyards is not really an exciting life.

    I think you will find that this vastly depends on the graveyard.
    Ever tried explaining what your doing in the crypt of his sacred ancestors with a spade in your hand to a Chaos Marauder?

    At any rate, I’m somewhat suprised that the Beaumont Blitzers dont feature in the most recorded kills, you’d have thought they could expect one or two per game.

    Certainly, if it weren’t for apothacaries, at least one of my Werewolves would be up on the board…

    1. I guess the Orcs are good at knocking people down but not at finishing them off!

      We are still pleased with ourselves, three complete seasons and not a single death (of course by saying that I may have just jinxed ourselves)!

      1. “May Have”? I’m pretty sure that’s EXACTLY how you go about jinxing yourself!

        Heck, I didn’t even last a full season before getting two zombies killed (…again) against wood elves of all people.
        In the first three turns.
        One of the zombies had Guard.

        …you see now where my issues with elves come from?

        1. Well you played him JoJo and it was his (its) fault! Anyway it’s not our fault that zombies has the dodging skills of a troll.

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