Reminder on Spiralling Expenses

As we thankfully have a lot of returning teams this season, The team values are getting bigger and bigger. Tt has come to our attention that some teams forgot to Spiralling Expences this last season.

Spiralling Expenses kick in when your Team Value (TV) reaches 1,750,000. From that point onwards you must subtract 10,000go from the winnings you receive for the match, after any modifiers such as +1 for winning.

As your TV increases, you will suffer further penalties as summarised below:

TV Deduction
1,750,000 – 1,899,999 -10,000gp
1,900,000 – 2,049,999 -20,000gp
2,050,000 – 2,299,999 -30,000gp
2,300,000 – 2449,999 -40,000gp
2,450,000 – 2599,999 -50,000gp
2,600,000 – 2,7499,999 -60,000gp

The winnings after an deductions is the value you put down on your match report sheet.

At this present time, there are four teams who are eligable for this (with others coming close):

  • The Loren Rangers
  • Ragnars Swift Velocity
  • Mc Cauligh Reavers
  • Beaumont Blitzers

These costs represent the extra fees your new stars demand to play for your team.

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