Coming and Goings – New Players and Departures

Normally, the break between seasons is a time for teams to assess their current roster and see if they need to make any changes. Over the season break, four new players have joined existing teams and we have seen two depart, the details are below:

Tail Slammers

The Tail Slammers are pleased to announce the signing of new a new Line Rat. Spider-Rat joins the team and hopes to live long enough to see the end of the teams second season. We wish him luck.

The Slammers have also announced that their Rat Ogre Lashiform is to be their new captain. We are not sure if that is stupidly cunning of cunningly stupid!

The Man Eaters

The Man Eaters have announced that a single Snotling has joined their ranks, Brat takes up the space of a departed colleague who was punted out of the Stadium by the Corsairs.

Ragnars Swift Velocity

RSV have seen the most player activity over the break. They have said goodbye to Long standing Blitzer Christain Bloomhoff who retired as a result of a broken back sustained against the Lustrian Snake Queens. Also Linesman Henrick Janman has departed to find a team where he can get a game in.

In their place comes Cristoph Eisenberg, a mountain of a man who fills the role of the fourth Blitzer, and Felix Alder, a very young thrower who hopes to eventually become the leagues best alongside fellow RSV thrower, James Hetfielder.

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