Open Scramble 2509/10 Divisions Announced

Last night witnessed the draw for the Open Scramble 2509/10 Competition. The assembled coaches were on the edge of their sear as the results of the league stages determining what Cups they will be playing for later in the season.

Without further delay, here are the Divisions for this season:

North Division

South Division

East Division

West Division

10 of the teams immediately kicked off against their new opponents, the results of these matches will be posted by Saturday evening with the normal WarZone summary posted towards the end of the week.

The Fixtures for the Open Scramble 2508/09 should be online shortly.

Good Luck to all the coaches. If you have an opinion of the Draw, let us know in the comments!


    1. I think East division will be the one to watch this year. The Beaumont Blitzers, Carl and his Undead, The Reavers and Tutsbones are going to make for some cracking games between some high end teams.

      Meanwhile in north division… watch in horror as four teams who all came last in their respective leagues last season (or whichever season in the case of the Deadheads) have to go up against the Karond Kar Corsairs AKA The team that gave me all of my Elf related hang ups.

      As for the Loren Rangers, stuff them, it’s the Teotigua Predators I feel sorry for. Stuck in a division with two Orc Teams and the Rangers, he’s going to struggle to get anywhere this year, and through no fault of his own either.

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