2509/10 Fixtures are Available!

After a slight delay caused by a snotling in the works, the Fixtures for the Open Scramble 2509/10 are now available.

We know of some weeks were people are not able to make it so this has been taken into account. If you are down for a match on a date that you know you cannot make, let either myself or Alex know as soon as possible.

Looking at the fixtures, both North and South Divisions will be playing every week. Because there are 5 coaches in each division, one of them will get the week of. This decision was made because if we don’t do it this way, East and West divisions will finish and then wait an extra two months before North and South complete all their games. This is only a temporary situation until all the divisional stage is out of the way, from then on, all teams will only play every two weeks (assuming you are still in the running for a cup).

As a reminder, fixtures for a specific competition are also available on the respective competition page, and teams also have a small upcoming matches list on their team pages (once they have played their first game!).

Fixtures for the other three competitions will be announced nearer the start date of the competition.

Let the Chaos commence!

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