Obituary – Jansen Ornoff, Linesman of RSV

The breaking news of the weekend is that long time player of the HDWSBBL, Jansen Ornoff was killed during the defeat of RSV by the Valhallen Vixens. This was the first death that RSV had ever received in over three seasons of active competition here in the HDWSBBL.

The official RSV site has put up a in depth look at Ornoffs career but we thought we would highlight his HDWSBBL career and see why this is an important event.

  • Jansen was making his 25th HDWSBBL appearance for the team, meaning that he had taken part in every game since the team’s inception.
  • Jansen was part of the HDWSBBL Championship Cup, winning team.
  • Jansen was the team Captain between the 2506/07 and 2507/08 Seasons. He handed the Captaincy over to Kaminsky Mitbrott at the start of the 2507/08 Season to focus on his kicking ability.
  • To date, Jansen is the only member of RSV to have scored a Touchdown, caused a Casualty, made an Interception and made an accurate pass. In addition to this he had recorded numerous MVPs.
  • Jansen took part in the very first match in HDWSBBL history, scoring a Touchdown, making an accurate pass and being the fist player to be appointed Most Valuable Player.
  • With 56 Stat Player Points, Jansen was the highest ranked Linesman of all time in the HDWSBBL.
  • At the time of his death he was the 7th best player in the HDWSBBL overall (9th best of all time).
  • Jansen had the best passing record of any Linesman in the HDWSBBL with 15 Completions. This ranked him as the 5th best active thrower in the league (10th best of all time).
  • Jansen is recognised as the top interceptor in the leagues history with 3 career interceptions.
  • He was awarded the Top Interceptor of the season twice for the 2506/07 and 2508/09 Seasons. He also picked up the award for most Interceptions in a competition twice for the Championship I and the ZombWay Cup 2508/09
  • With 6 MVP awards, Jansen is the Leagues recognised Most Valuable Player.

Of course, Ornoff was not the only death this week. After the first week of this new season, the more blood thirsty fans were starting to get a little worried. However they can now be satisfied as the casualties have started to roll in. Full coverage will be provided in this weeks WarZone summary in a few days.

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