Rule Book Amendment – Deliberate Forfeit

When compiling the HDWSBBL rulebook, one ruling came up for discussion but we omitted it because we did not think it would ever happen. However talk and whispers have forced our hand on this one.

With immediate effect, the following rule is in effect:

If any coach refuses to play another and deliberately forfeits the game (by refusing to turn up or play) to avoid any encounter, then the coach in question will be expelled from any further competitions in the present season as punishment in addition to the normal penalties for forfeit.

 Note that there is a clear distinction between not being able to play a game and deliberately avoiding it. When necessary, the league commissioners will make the decision as to if a game is being avoided with intention.

Sorry about doing this. I know we all get attached to our teams and want to win a cup but at the end of the day we are here to have fun. If you don’t like something about the way your opponent plays then please talk to them beforehand or talk to one of us.

The rule book will be officially updated during its next review period.

Andy and Alex


  1. i think this is a good edition to the rule book as the idea of the game is to have fun, but some people get into the trap of thinking its about winning and nothing else. i cant see why someone would deliberatly lose, if you are in it to win then you may aswell play the game as your team will get better and there is also the chance that you can win. i dont think anyone would actually do this but it is still good to know that the rule is there.

  2. I also think this rule is a good idea. I doubt anyone would lose on purpose or just not turn up to get out of playing a match. I know it can seem like a good idea if ur having bad season. You never know a match ur dreading could be a match u win.

    On a more personel note. Big sorry to R.S.V for the behaviour of the Valhallen Vixen’s fans. They caused the death of a much respected player who will be sorely missed. To ensure this happens again they are to be given touchline seats for the rest of the season.

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