Gerhards Soapbox: Introduction

Note from the Editors: We are pleased to announce that the HDWSBBL his secured the service of Gerhard Rockstein (formally the Head Coach of Ragnars Swift Velocity) to give his opinions on the league and its teams. As he was one of the most out-spoken coaches during his reign, it should be interesting to see what he has to say (and how much editing we have to do to stop anybody suing him for his words). For his initial soapbox we have asked him to provide an introduction.


For those who don’t know me, I am Gerhard Rockstein, renowned Blood Bowl coach and all round good guy. The HDWSBBL have given me an area on the site to provide my opinions on the league by writing an irregular column on the site (in other words, I get to rant, torment and insult the teams and I get paid for it).

If people are wondering if I am qualified to talk about the great sport, then let me give you a little history. I have been involved with the sport for over 30 years, in that time I have played in the old NAF and was part of the Reikland Reavers who won the Blood Bowl Tournament (although admittedly I was on the bench for most of the Tournament due to a leg injury).

When I retired from playing I took up coaching and led several smaller teams to the top of their leagues. Eventually I settled with a new team calling themselves Ragnars Marauders. I led the Marauders to 5 league cups before their league disbanded due a now famous riot. A few years past before I was asked to return to the game and resume my job as the Head Coach of the Marauders, who had undergone a name change to Ragnars Swift Velocity to avoid any legal consequences of the above mentioned riot. From there I led RSV to one HDWSBBL Championship Cup Win, a Challenge Cup win of a smaller league system and took the team to two Blood Bowl Tournaments.

Unfortunately for them they decided to fire me shortly after this because they thought I was too outspoken. It is horrible the way I was treated. I took that team from nobodies and I turned them all into winners. You would think that after I single handily resurrected the team into their current form that <This rant has been cut short because it continues for a further 6 pages! To summarise, he is not too happy about his departure – Editor>

Hopefully I have now sufficiently introduced myself so in my next soapbox I can get down to what I am being paid for and do some analysis on the league.


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