Twitter and more site updates

Eagle eyed visitors may have noticed another set of changes make their way through to the site. These changes went live just before the new season kicked off but I held off publishing this as I didn’t want to overshadow the start of the new season.

This was originally intended to be a small tweak but I got carried away and made some considerable changes so please bear with me while I run through them.

Twitter and news tracker

The HDWSBBL now has a Twitter account! You can follow us directly from there, or alternatively, the updates are displayed on the front page of this site at the top in the new news tracker.

We hope to use twitter to add small updates to the site such as the latest results, and were small bits of news happen were it is not worth a full News/Warzone entry (or more accurately, we don’t have enough content on the news item to warrant a full news post).

Some of the teams already have Twitter accounts (RSV and Loren Rangers) which they use to publish small bits of news and banter. So if you want, create a Twitter account for your team and follow the main HDWSBBL account so we can keep an eye out for any updates. If you wish to push something to our attention, simply send us a message via Twitter using the normal @HDWSBBL Twitter method.

If enough people start using Twitter I may be able to feed them into the teams pages for all to see.

Modified League Logo

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that the main HDWSBBL Logo has received a slight tweak after only being launched a few weeks ago. There is a long story behind this but trust us when we say this should be the last change for some time. As always, feedback is welcome.


Not every player has a long and successful career in the HDWSBBL. When a player dies, who will remember them in the future? The gates of the HDWSBBL Graveyard have now been opened to visitors. Hopefully little explanation is needed about how the new page works.

In addition to the Graveyard, there has been a focus on deaths all over the place. You should find “Top Killers” lists along side any of the normal top player tables on the various Competition, Season and Championship Cup rages.


The Statistics area of the website has been overhauled. A much needed speed boost has been provided and several sub pages have been created which allows for greater coverage of some of the records that have been set in the league. The “Top Player” tables have been split off onto their respective pages and now the top teams are also listed for various achievements.

Along with more records, there is also an Awards page detailing every award that has ever been handed out in the leagues history and a Milestone page detailing those special accomplishments, who did it and when.


The comments section of each page has received an overhaul as I have updated the site to match with the framework the site is loosely built on. As well as receiving a make-over it is now possible to reply directly to another comment resulting in a threaded appearance. At the end of each comment is a little reply link. By selecting this you will be able to directly reply to another coach.

Each commenter can now have an Avatar next to their comments. This image is determined by the email address you use and is pulled from a Gravatar profile. If you want an image next to you posts, head over to Gravatar and sign up. I would have preferred something more custom for us but time was the enemy here.

Finally for comments, you can now subscribe to a news/Warzone item. This allows you to be emailed if someone responds to a comment you leave on a post. At present, you have to leave a comment before you will get emailed but if enough people want to subscribe without leaving a comment then let me know and I will set that feature up.

Note: I am aware of the small bug were the avatar is over the authors name in Internet Explorer 6. That should be fixed soon but all the other browsers out there shouldn’t have the issue.

Player Pages

The player pages have received a nip and a tick here and there. More information then ever before is available to browse. Most of the player pages don’t have detailed information on them so if you have any, send them to The pages can now show pictures of the players so if you have any send them in to the email address above and I will get them published. It will save me a lot of time if they are already sized to about 120 by 170 pixels and only contain the photo of the player in question.

Update on Team Logos/Icons

Finally, we are very pleased that the team logos are rolling into the site. As a few have asked, we can accept any image format and the ideal size should be 120 by 120 pixels for the roster and team pages. The smaller image on the teams listing page is 20 x 20. If you can resize them before passing them to us then it would help speed up getting them on the website.

If you need help getting a team logo sorted then let us know. While we are not the most graphically brilliant guys here we can have a play. No promises though!

Well, I think that covers most of the changes. There are a number of other little changes such as the front page indicating how “fresh” the content is (which makes it easier for you to spot new content, and motivates us to post more!).

If there are any problems or bugs that you spot, please let me know in the comments below. I will now return you to your normal HDWSBBL viewing.


PS. Bonus points for anybody who spots the new SlySports logo:-D

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