Latest Signings and Firings

This weeks lastest on the new comings and goings has been rather busy. With players being killed left right and centre, a lot of new blood has been signed.


Karond Kar Corsairs have hired a new Assassin to their ranks after sacking Venomblade for poor performance all round. Their new signing Uriel Poisonblade has high hopes he will get the job done.
The Man Eaters have hired yet another snotling as Knob was found under the boot of a Vixen. His new replacement is Jobbie.
The Vixens after pocketing a few extra cash for their recent winning form have hired a new runner named Inga. She hopes she can put the run back into runner.
Mc Cauligh Reavers have hired Napoli Roma II after his father (who has the same name) was killed in a rather fatal blow by a black orc.
The Tutsbone Jackalls made the most signing this week by hiring two new players. Me Uptai, a Throw-Ra and Me Aisba, a skeleton could give the Jackalls that extra edge to push for their first win of the season.
Atrocity Exhibtion got lucky this week by re-rising Upedje Ne formally of the Tutsbone Jackalls to join them. Isn’t it wonderful having a necromancer as the head coach.


The Loren Rangers have released short term serving Elring Kingstar after not meeting the clubs requirements. His poor peformance and lack of intrest with the game proved his downfall. During his short spell he only won a single MVP.
Venomblade was sacked by the Karond Kar Corsairs this week also due to his performance. The head coach of the Corsairs did comment that it was his uselessness that lead to his sacking.

And that rounds up this weeks edition. Stay tuned for more news on signings and hirings exculsive to the WarZone!

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