Gerhard Soapbox: My predictions for the Open Scramble

Note from the Editors: Once again, Gerhard is back. His views do not represent those of the league and should be taken with a sense of humour. Hate mail and death threats should be directed towards him and not us.
This time, he will be discussing his predictions for the following season.

Well I am back with my first look at the current state of the league so far. We have only managed to make it through three weeks of competition and there are already some upsets that have taken place.

Before I get into things, there is one thing I forgot to mention in my introduction. It is an important point and I am sure I will reiterate it again. I HATE Elves. I don’t care if they are the tree loving Wood Elves, The fetish loving Dark Elves or the so called professional Elves because I hate them all. I wouldn’t go as far as Joseph “JoJo” Curwen of the Shadows as I don’t have nightmares about them. I only have pleasant dreams were I am 100 feet tall and stamping on them from above… Where was I? Oh yes, Elves have so far won three of the nine completed Competitions in the HDWSBBL so they have already managed to entrench themselves in the Leagues history.

If you asked me last week, I would have been over the moon as it looked like the Elf Domination had finally come to an end. However with the recent results from the KKC, the Reavers and the Rangers *spit* it looks like things could be back on track for the pointy eared spawns from Hell. I am not a happy old man.

With that out of the way, I have finally had a chance to see all the teams in action (thank NUFFLE for Sly Sports +1). As a result, here are my predictions for the Season:

North Division
Winner: Corsairs
Runner-up: Drackwald Deadheads

Yes, I know that the Tail Slammers have been on impressive form, but I don’t think that will last. Lets be honest, North Division contains the three worst teams (don’t give me any of that “underperforming” crap) from last season. Any other team in there is going to qualify without breaking a sweat (which is just what the Corsairs have managed to do so far with their lacklustre games).

South Division
Winner: The Loren Rangers
Runner-up: Flesh Grinders / Predators

Every bone in my body is against the idea, but I think the Loren Rangers *spit* are going to come out on top. I agree with JoJo Curwen of the Shadows (top man btw) in that the Rangers will come out on top, only if they can survive the beating they will hopefully receive.

Second place is a bit more unpredictable as the teams are new. I will plump for either the Flesh Grinders or the Predators.

East Division
Winner: Reavers
Runner-up: Beaumont Blitzers

Really tough this one. We know from last season that the Reavers are capable of some amazing feats, assuming that they can stay on the pitch long enough. I was tempted to route for the apparently unstoppable Atrocity Exhibition but I feel the Orcs will soon bounce back and get the wins in on their return games.

West Division
Winner: Valhallen Vixen’s
Runner-up: Ragnars Swift Velocity

Shocking I know but I put my former team to come in as runners up. The simple truth is the Vixen ladies have had some amazing games while Velocity has been playing like the Manhunters. While I believe they can turn this around, I am not convinced that Stanrick Snider can take the team back to the top of the division and overcome the on from Vixen’s.

Assuming the traditional North vs South, East vs West playoff will occur, I feel the final will once again be the KKC vs the Reavers. With that in mind, I have to believe that the Corsairs will once again defeat their blasted brethren and become the first team to defend their HDWSBBL League Championship.

Well there you are, you are now free to run to the local bookies and place your bets. If you get rich of my predictions then make sure you give me some as the wages I get here are abysmal.

Once the other competitions kick-off I will have similar predictions for them (although hopefully the next winners list won’t contain any Elves).

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  1. Awww Gerhard, I never knew you actually liked us. I must say you have really made my day and I will always know you you finally realized we were the better team. If we win the league we shall give you a lifetime pass to watch all of our games. And that is a promise.

    All our love x

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