30 Games for the Loren Rangers

This week, The Loren Rangers completed their 30th match here in the HDWSBBL. With the Rangers being the first team to reach this milestone, we thought it was time to take a look at one of the founding teams of the HDWSBBL.

The Rangers debuted way back during the inaugural 2506/07 Season. They immediately set the performance bar high upon their debut against the Middenhein Manhunters. In that season they became the first team to win the HDWSBBL League Cup by dominating their opponents all season long. Since then it is rare to see a statistics chart without a member of the Rangers somewhere in the top 5.

Once the league expanded into two divisions, they found a home in North Division for two seasons until the hand of fate placed them in South Division this season for the first time. During their two seasons in North Division they became North Division Champions once and came in second the other time.

The Opponents

The Rangers are well known for their feuds. Their fans love getting behind the team for a grudge match and the fact they normally win makes it even sweater.

During the early days of the league, the Middenhein Manhunters proved to be the much needed nemesis. However the Rangers quickly proved their dominance so the Rangers looked to the other human team in the league at the time, Ragnars Swift Velocity.

The two teams would meet for the first time towards the end of the Open Scramble 2506/07 and the Rangers ended up demolishing them in a 5-1 win in a match that both teams will never forget (as it stands it is still RSV’s worst defeat in the HDWSBBL). However RSV soon bounced back and eliminated the Rangers from the first HDWSBBL Championship Cup Tournament (The Championship I), igniting a feud that continues to this very day.

When RSV are not around, the Rangers get a kick out of playing with some of the other teams. One team to suffer at their hands is the Innsmouth Shadows who the Rangers first encountered during the 2508/09 Season. The Rangers have made a habit of tormenting the poor souls and have even (allegedly) cost them their place in the Finals of the Ankle Biter Tournament.

This Season they are faced with four fresh opponents who have never encountered the Rangers before. Judging by their opening game this season, the Rangers could end up having a lot of fun.


Like any team, the Rangers have had their ups and downs over the course of their Career. Few die hard fans will like to remember their disastrous runs during the Championship I and Championship III competitions. What they do like to remember is the glorious victories in the many league competitions that they have entered.

More after this special Did you Know:

HDWSBBL – Did You Know

The Rangers and the Challenge Cup

The Loren Rangers have never entered a competition for the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup. They have always been too busy (or been excluded because of their ability) to compete. This will change this season when the Loren Rangers will make an appearance in the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

Many would agree that the highlight of the Rangers career so far would be them becoming the first HDWSBBL league Champions in 2507. Since then they have come very close to lifting another Championship Cup but have never quite managed it. Will this season be the one for them were they once again become League Champions, or will the day their fans dream of arrive and we will see the Rangers lift the HDWSBBL Championship Cup?

The Players

No team would win any competitions without the players on the pitch. The Rangers have some of the finest players that the League has ever seen on their Roster. From Star Thrower Erison Youngwhite (with a staggering 69 completions to his name), the Everlong Twins (who have 37 Touchdowns between them) to Elison Crownstar (The Teams top scorer and one time player of the league), the team is full of star power.

They are led on the pitch by Elengad Greenstone, a Catcher who has lead the team since their debut. Greenstone has been responsible for nurturing the development of several new stars, and is responsible for the upkeep of the teams Treeman Oakton.

One of the running jokes in the bars around the Old World is that the door to the Rangers Locker room is reported to be bigger then the gates to the city of Reikland due to all the egos trying to fit in! While it is true that the Rangers have sometimes experienced moments of narcissistic tendencies, the boys know that when the whistle blows, it is time to cut the crap and play like the pros that they are.

The Man behind the magic

While it is true that the players take all the glory, none of it would be possible without the guiding hand of their Head Coach Jordan Hawk. Jordan is the man responsible for taking the Rangers from a rookie team to the force they are today.

In his memoirs he recalled that when Rangers owner Jacob Glade offered him the job, he almost turned it down due to the state of the team. However, after being offered full control over the team and the budget he accepted the job.

During the post-match celebrations the other day, we managed to get a few moments with Jordan to ask him how he is feeling.

I am very pleased to have coached the Rangers for the past thirty matches since our debut in 2506, as well as being a founding team. I am also very pleased with [our win] as I have just found out from our statistics experts we have now won twenty out of our thirty games. An amazing feat for it was far beyond what I had expected when I first took on the job.

We will be looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully capitalise on this milestone. I would like to thank all the players, past and present, my outstanding coaching staff and the administration for their effort and support throughout the years I have been on the helm.

Recently, Jordan has come under some fire for the lack of Championships in the Loren Rangers Trophy Cabinet. He assures that fans that this is only a temporary lull. To prove his confidence he has put his job on the line! Let’s hope this successful coach can pull this off as the Rangers would be a lot less powerful without him.

The Statistics

What kind of HDWSBBL retrospective would be complete without some statistics? We asked our record keepers to take a look at the Rangers 30 games to date:

Over their 30 games, the Rangers have:

  • Won 20 games (67%)
  • Lost 7 games (23%)
  • Drew 3 games (10%)
  • Scored 90 Touchdowns (Average of 3 per match) – thats 14% of the leagues total
  • Made 110 successful completions (Average of 3.7 per match) – thats 18% of the leagues total
  • Caught 2 Interceptions (Average of 1 every 15 matches)
  • Caused 28 Casualties (Average 0.9 per match)
  • Caused 2 Deaths (Average of 1 every 15 matches)
  • Won 1 HDWSBBL League Championship Cup (Open Scramble 2506/07)
  • Qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship Tournament 3 times (the only team to have done so) although they have never won it.
  • Are the leagues top ranked team for Touchdowns and Completions.
  • Had 18 players on their Roster (1 Treeman, 4 Catchers, 3 Wardancers, 2 Throwers and 8 Line Elves)
  • Top scorer is Elison Crownstar (Catcher) with 32 Touchdowns (about 1.1 per game and 35% of the teams total Touchdowns). Elison is also the teams best player with 111 Star Player Points, and currently tied as the Leagues Top Scorer of all time.
  • Top passer is Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) with 69 Completions (a Staggering 2.5 per game) – Thats 76% of the teams total Completions and 11% of the leagues total Completions!
  • Most vicious is Cappella Goldfalcon (Wardancer) with 6 Casualties

For completeness and for prosperity, their full record is below

The Loren Rangers 30 20 7 3 90 45 28 57 110 2

There is so much more we could go into, from the captivating cheerleading squad, to the chants that ring out throughout their stand of the Riverdome (and the chants that their opponents bring). However, its time to stop the reflection and look towards the future, to a time when the Rangers could once again be HDWSBBL Champions.

From us here at the HDWSBBL, we wish the Rangers luck in the future. Thanks for all the first class action over the last three years.

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